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Love Live! School Idol Festival

Posted on Aug 3, 2014

AFAID 2014 Featured Game


Try out the game at the Bushiroad booth as well as participate in various activities!

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Game details:

Let μ’s perform right on your smartphone!
Available Now

■About Love Live! Project
“Love Live!” is a cross-media project that encompasses the motto “The story which we make our dreams come true.” A youth drama that follows 9 high school girls, it has been developed in various media including TV Anime, CDs including both music and anime trailer video, magazines, comics, mobile phone applications, and card games. It has also been developed through radio programs, live video streams via NicoNico, and through live concerts and events hosted by voice cast. The 2nd season of “Love Live! School Idol Project”, the project’s TV series, is currently on TV in Japan. The show is also available in various countries and regions across the world on TV and on the Internet.

■About “School idol festival”
With their massive success in Japan, “Love Live! School Idol Project” goes worldwide with this rhythm action game available now on smartphones!
Together with the original members of μ’s (Muse) and many more new faces, perform live shows and lead them to fame!
Tap the screen to the music in this easy to pick up rhythm action game!

Otonokizaka High School is located between the neighborhoods of Akihabara, Kanda, and Jimbocho. 9 girls from this school formed a group, centered around the second-year student Honoka Kosaka.
This group, called μ’s (Muse), has been gaining popularity both inside and outside of the school! Now you have been asked to help this busy young group of school idols with their idol activities!
Help them perform successful Live Shows and recruit new members as they gain even more popularity!

Honoka Kosaka (Voice: Emi Nitta)
Eli Ayase (Voice: Yoshino Nanjō)
Kotori Minami (Voice: Aya Uchida)
Umi Sonoda (Voice: Suzuko Mimori)
Rin Hoshizora (Voice: Riho Iida)
Maki Nishikino (Voice: Pile)
Nozomi Tojo (Voice: Aina Kusuda)
Hanayo Koizumi (Voice: Yurika Kubo)
Nico Yazawa (Voice: Sora Tokui)
Plus, loads of new members especially created for the game!

This game is made up of two parts, “Story” and “Live Show”.
– Follow the adventures of the school idols in the Story part.
– Play the rhythm action games in the Live Show part.

New Songs are unlocked by advancing the story, and in turn New Stories are unlocked by performing well in the Live Shows. So make sure you play both parts!
There’s a ranking for each song in the Live Show, so do your best to compete with your friends and other players from all over the world!

Follow the stories of the members of μ’s!
The entire storyline is fully voiced, featuring ofcourse the voices by the original voice actresses!

Enjoy the rhythm action game with the songs by μ’s!
Loads of songs available, with new additional songs planned for every month!

Form your very own team and show them off!
Choose 9 of your favorite members to form a team.
The abilities of each member are vital to performing a successful Live Show!
Train up your members through”Practice”!
Match your member “Attributes” with the song, and include members with “Special Skills” to gain the upper hand in a Live Show!

You can also use 2 of the same member to “Idolize” them.
Idolized member will wear a different uniform!
Perform Live Shows with these Idolized members, and unlock special “Side Stories” for them!


“Bonds” with members will deepen as you select them more for the Live Shows!
When a member’s Bond reaches the maximum, her Side Story will be unlocked!

Side Stories are also told with full voice acting!
(For members with rarity of R or higher)

Genre: Rhythm & Adventure
Free to Play (In-app purchases available)
Supported OS: iOS 5.1 and later, Android 2.3 and later (except for certain models)
Developer: KLab Inc.

The story of these 9 special girls begins here!


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