Time: 1300h to 1700h (Doors open 1230h) | Venue: Hall 403, Suntec Convention Centre
The Cool Japan Forum brings together the top minds from the music, novel, anime and digital content industries of Japan. Through a 1-day conference, this 11th of November 2011, be inspired, learn and benefit through this comprehensive platform featuring numerous industry leaders.

Mr. Keiichiro Hirano

Renowned Japanese Novelist and Akutagawa Prize Winner

He won the Akutagawa Prize, the most prestigious literature prize in Japan, when he was a student in Kyoto University, which caused a big sensation nationwide. He is well known for his stylistic variation and unique typography, and is especially well-respected for the avant-garde ideas in his stories. In his recent works, he wrote about [Div] – "dividual" – a concept about individuals having multiple sides to themselves, some of which he/she is unable to control or is not even aware of.

Mr. Haruhiko Mikimoto

Renowned Japanese Illustrator and Character Designer

In Singapore by invitation of the Japan Creative Centre (JCC), he will make a special trip to AFA 2011. One of the most famous character designers of his time, he will share his insights and experience on how he creates multi-dimensional anime characters from storyboards.

Mr. Ken Isayama

Sony Music Artistes

Mr Isayama will share the story behind successful Japanese artistes. How they build character, differentiate themselves from others, and how the Japanese music industry works to nurture and groom today's great stars.

Mr. Tow Ubukata

Renowned Novelist

Tow Ubukata is perhaps one of the most well-known novelists in Japan today, having won with his novel 'Tenchi Meiatsu' the prestigious Honya Taishou Prize, an award voted for book store representative in Japan. He has also written several anime scripts, such as 'Sokyuu no Fafner' and 'Mardock Scramble'.

Dr. Nissim Otmazgin

Japanese Pop Culture Specialist

Dr. Otmazgin will discuss the challenges and opportunities pop cultural exports present to governments and markets in the region and the influence of the Japanese pop culture on the development of the local cultural industries. The talk will include insights from fieldwork in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Seoul.

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Cool Japan Forum 2011

How Japanese create attractive contents? How they create new contents?


Date: November 11, 2011 | Time: 13:00 ~ 17:30 | Venue: Hall 403, Suntec Convention Centre
13:00 - 13:10


Mr. Haruhiko Miyano/ Dentsu Singapore

13:10 - 13:30

The utilization of contents for brands and marketing

[ Presentation ] Mr. Yoshihiko Hasegawa/ Dentsu Asia

13:30 - 14:00

Japanese pop culture in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

[ Presentation ] Dr. Nissim Otmazgin/ Department of East Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

14:00 - 14:40

Creating engaging stories through Anime

[ Presentation ] Mr. Tow Ubukata/ SF light novel, manga and anime creator

14:40 - 14:50



14:50 - 15:20

Monetizing through Anime Contents. A new perspective

[ Panel Discussion ] Mr. Takaaki Kidani / Bushiroad, Mr. Yoshiyuki Matsunaga / COSPA,
Mr. Takanori Aki / Good Smile Company, Moderator: Mr. Danny Choo / Mirai

15:20 - 15:50

The secrets behind Japan's successful music artists

[ Panel Discussion ] Mr. Ken Isayama/ Sony Music Entertainment, Mr. Shinji Yamanouchi /Aniplex

15:50 - 16:30

Strengths and future visions in the world of Japanese Manga and Anime

[ Presentation ] Mr. Haruhiko Mikimoto/ Character Designer, Mr. Hideaki Kobayashi/ Kadokawa Publishing

16:30 - 16:40



Building the core of the story - a Japanese way of story telling

[ Speech ] Mr.Keiichiro Hirano / Novelist

17:20 - 17:30

Closing Remarks

Mr. Danny Choo/ Mirai

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