I LOVE ANISONG Ticketing Info

in Singapore 2011

AFA11 premiers the live Hatsune Miku concert (the first one in the entire Asian market outside of Japan), and reveals her 3D live performance on November 11th at SUNTEC Convention Hall in Singapore. The concert will be a sequel to the most recent live production in Sapporo in August 2011, which pushed the Miku experience to the next level. Accompanied by the five live musicians, holographic 3D Hatsune Miku dances, and sings on stage, just as she is alive.

Presented by AFA11 and Cool Japan Project, Toyota Tsusho Singapore
© Crypton Future Media, Inc.
Organized by 5pb.
Supported by Cool Japan Music.

What's Hatsune Miku?

"HATSUNE MIKU" is a computer music software that enables users to create synthesized singing of unprecedented quality and remarkable realism by just typing in lyrics and melody. Powered by YAMAHA's VOCALOID(= Vocal + Android) technology, HATSUNE MIKU was developed by Crypton Future Media in Sapporo, and released on August 31st, 2007. And since then, there have been more than 30,000 songs and movies about HATSUNE MIKU were posted in a popular Video sharing web site such as YouTube and Nico-Nico-Douga(Japan).

From this "music software" with cute voice and an illustration of cartoon girl on the cover, not only lots of CGM(Consumer Generated Media) music were created, but remarkable numbers of derivative illustrations and dedicated free software (including an amazing application tool to create 3D animation of HATSUNE MIKU, etc.) were also created. Then, as the recognition and popularity of HATSUNE MIKU grew, more other related activities such as launching news site and SNS site featuring MIKU or organizing events for MIKU fans are taking place. HATSUNE MIKU is not merely a music software anymore.

Catch Hatsune Miku live on 11 November! Only at the I Love Anisong concert!

Official Crypton Future Media Webpage - http://www.crypton.co.jp
Official Character Webpage - http://www.crypton.co.jp/miku_eng

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