I LOVE ANISONG Ticketing Info


A frequent visitor to Singapore, this year will be May'n's 4th Performance at Anime Festival Asia. She also held her very own Solo concert and made her ScreenSingapore movie debut in June this year.

Every single audience who has witnessed her live performance is immediately transported into another world by her mesmerising and powerful vocals that pierce deep into the heart. Despite her young age, May'n is already rising towards her dream of being Japan's top female rock vocalist with sold out concerts at the acclaimed Budokan and all over Asia, including Singapore in June this year.

While she may seem like a carefree and cheerful 20-year-old, watch her transform as she picks up the microphone. Commanding a wide range of singing styles from pop rock, soul to R&B and grand ballad, May'n unleashes her high notes with absolute precision and ease, captivating fans throughout her entire magical performance.

Since her debut, May'n's album and singles have graced the Oricon Chart's top spots. Her phenomenal success has also earned her the support of leading producers who have worked with Ayumi Hamasaki, Porno Grafitti, Ikimonogakari, Chemistry and Misia. This year, she worked with Daisuke Asakura on Scarlet Ballet, opening theme to Hidan no Aria.

Notable anime series involved in:
Macross Frontier, Shangri La, Ookami-san, Sengoku Basara, Hidan no Aria

Catch May'n live on 13 November! Only at the I Love Anisong Concert!

May'n Official Sitehttp://pc.mayn.jp