Introducing Anime KARAOKE MA'☆, the latest iOS app specializing in Japanese Anime Songs and End Roll OSTs. The app features dedicated volume, pitch and tempo controls that give you full access on how you control your music. With a Twitter link function, the user can post their scores on Twitter and compare scores with their friends. The displays allows both phonetic English and the original Japanese lyrics to be displayed, a novel way to study and practice the Japanese language.

With this app, you can sing and listen to popular anime songs wherever you are and find out the latest music trends. Master the anime songs and become the Anime Karaoke Ma☆!

Hoshino Sora - The Karaoke Android!
Born and raised in Tokyo, Hoshino Sora is an ordinary Japanese girl-next-door who loves the Yomiuri Giants and tendon. Whenever she hears someone singing anime songs, her natural instincts kick in. She cannot help but put herself in her school uniform/maid outfit and dance as though she was on the Harajuku Streets. She has perfect pitch, but is often intimidating for her friends when they are in the karaoke box after school.

Anime Karaoke Ma☆ will be showcased at AFA12, for anime fans and J-Pop lovers in the Asia-Pacific region.

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