AFA presents

Good news, tradition of Cosplay Singles Showcase continue in 2012!! All cosplayers from all nations, hear our call and let's join!

Same as last year, there will not be any need for skits or performances, just awesome cosplays will do!

Our guest judges will be walking around the event halls on 10th November 2012 (SAT) to search for AFA's favorite cosplayer! If you have an awesome costume waiting to show off to the crowds at AFA, you may stand a chance to be picked to be AFA's favourite cosplayer on stage and stand to win fantastic prizes!


AFA12 Cosplay Singles Champion

• $500 cash prize
• Panasonic X3 headphones
• Medallion (1 winner)

AFA12 Cosplay Singles Merit award

• $100 + Panasonic X3 headphones (position 2 & 3)
• $100 (position 4 & 5)

AFA12 Cosplay Singles Participants

• Certificates for all

Selection Criteria

  1. Our cosplay guest judges will walk around the event halls on Saturday, 10 November 2012 from 1pm to 4pm.
  2. They will then issue out 'YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN' cards to their favourite cosplayers as well as take a picture with them
  3. Each card will come with a small slip, of which the cosplayer will have to return with their particulars of their cosname, cosplayed character name and series, contact number and email address
  4. Theme songs are from our side. You don't need to provide by your self.
  5. Cosplayers who have been chosen by receiving the card shall go to the rendezvous spot as mentioned on card from 5:00pm to 5:30pm, to cosplay in the same costume on stage, on same day!

For all enquiries, please contact [email protected].