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Posted on Aug 3, 2014

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In the TV anime “Guilty Crown”, EGOIST is the fictional group created to perform the theme song as well as the insert songs, with heroine Inori Yuzuriha as the vocalist. Upon the end of the series, EGOIST continues to perform actively. EGOIST is produced by the man central to the well-known group in the Vocaloid world, ryo of supercell. From over 2000 applicants in the vocalist auditions, the songstress, chelly was chosen. The visuals are created by supercell member, popular illustrator redjuice.

In September 2012, their 1st album, “Extra terrestrial Biological Entities”, not only generated great interest within Japan, but also across Asia. The album topped Amazon China’s music rankings for 3 weeks consecutively. It also reached No. 1 on the monthly rankings on In November 2013, the album received an unprecedented gold certification in China.

In the same month, at Asia’s largest anime event, ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA 2013 held in Singapore, they performed a concert using the latest cutting-edge 3DCG technology. The character projected on screen is controlled in real-time by the artiste’s body movements, through employment of real-time CG composition system called “LiveAR”, motion capture system “MVN” among others. The world’s FIRST virtual live created a huge topic of discussion.

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