15th Japan Media Arts Festival
Animation Division Award-winning Works

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan has been organizing the Japan Media Arts Festival annually since 1997 with the aim of promoting the creation and development of the media arts. The Japan Media Arts Festival makes awards for outstanding creative works in the divisions of ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT, ANIMATION and MANGA, and provides opportunitities to introduce these works through the award announcement, ceremony, and exhibition of the award-winning works.

Call for Entries for the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival

Application period: July 12th (THU) - September 20th (THU)
URL: http://j-mediaarts.jp

© Magica Quartet / Aniplex・Madoka Partners・MBS

Grand Prize

- SHIMBŌ Akiyuki (Director)

One day, Madoka Kaname, an ordinary junior high school student, has a strange dream. When she goes to school the following day, the girl she saw in her dream, Homura, has transferred to her school. Homura speaks some profoundly meaningful words to Madoka, who is perplexed. What choice will Madoka make, now that she discovered the truth amidst the complex tapestry of time and human relationships?

© Takafumi Takada / Kodansha, Legend of The Millennium Dragon Film Partners

Excellence Award

鬼神伝 (Legend of the Millennium Dragon)
- KAWASAKI Hirotsugu (Director)

One day, Jun, an ordinary boy who has no outstandig talent, travels back in time over 1,000 years to the Heian era. This was a world in which there were battles between the aristocracy, or "humans," who have acquired control of ancient Kyoto through the culture of continental Asia, and the people, or "demons," who are used by the gods of nature, who have incompatible ideals. This is an epic animated historical drama that brings the ancient folklore of Japan to life in the present day, against the background of beautiful Kyoto.

© 2012 "A Letter to Momo" Film PartnersHiroyuki Okiura(Director) Masashi Ando(Key Animation Supervisor) Hiroshi Ono(Background Art) Production I.G(Production)

Excellence Award

ももへの手紙 (A Letter to Momo)
- OKIURA Hiroyuki (Director)

Leaving a letter on which he had written only "Dear Momo," Momo's father passes away. "What did you really want to write?" Momo, who had hurled thoughtless words towards her father and had not made up with him before he died, moves to an island in the Seto Inland Sea with her mother Ikuko, with this thought still on her mind. Set on a little island in the Seto Inland Sea, this is a tale of family love that depicts the mysterious events that happen to the heroine, Momo.

© 2011 National Film Board of Canada / NHK / Polygon Pictures

Excellence Award

マイブリッジの糸 (Muybridge's Strings)

Eadweard Muybridge's successful attempt to photograph the continuous motion of a galloping horse in 1878 had a tremendous impact on the birth of film. This animation depicts scenes from the photographer's life, along with pictures of a modern mother and daughter. The contrast of these spatially and temporally different worlds inspires the viewer to think about "time."


Excellence Award

Folksongs & Ballads
- Mathieu VERNERIE / Pauline DEFACHELLES / Rémy PAUL

This film, which is created entirely in CG, carefully depicts in great detail, with unsurpassed artisitic ablility, the daily life of an elderly fisherman who lives in an isolated fishing village. Irish folk songs resound strilingly throughout various scenes. It is the graduation work of students currently studying at Supinfocom Valencienneds, the French animation college

© Wataru Uekusa All Rights Reserved.

New Face Award

やさしいマーチ (The Tender March)
- UEKUSA Wataru

This is a humorous animated work in which a young girl walks through a mysterious town with both tranquil fields and buildings, followed by various monsters.

The thoughts and feelings of the young girl as she daydreams are visualized on a monitor screen or by being likened to the forms of the monsters; the closed inner world of a young girl is depicted incisively, against a soundtrack of uptempo music.

© Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Institut für Animation, Visual Effects und digitale Postproduktion

New Face Award

- Andrea DEPPERT

As a result of a clever synthesis of 3D computer graphics, carved wooden dolls move around in this animated fantasy film. The tale develops after Rabenjung, who is despised by the boys of the village, meets a beautiful girl one day.

© Hiroyasu Ishida / Kyoto Seika University

New Face Award

rain town
- ISHIDA Hiroyasu

Some time ago, the rain began to fall incessantly, and the citizens left rain town, headed for the suburbs and higher ground. This is a work that uses only tranquil music and the sound of falling rain to gentlydepict scenes of a rather dark, yet beautiful world that makes one feel a certain sense of loneliness and nostalgia.

© himeda manabu

Jury Selections

ようこそぼくです (youkosobokudesu)
- HIMEDA Manabu

Manabu-the creator of this funny animation-appears as himself as the animation begins, then turns into an animated version of himself and starts to sing a humorous song about shirts in the manner of an educational TV show for smallchildren.

The video's bright pop colorts, surrealistic character design and unpredictable development make this a unique and engrossing work.

© Masanori OKAMOTO / Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts

Jury Selections

- OKAMOTO Masanori

A time-lapse aniation with outdoor backgrrounds, using a techinique called "cut-out", in which different shapes made from drawing paper are photographed one by one. Drawn on paper and photographed in real-world bakgounds, the figure of BONNIE's expresses happiness in a blowing wind, and through 2 and 3-dimensional matching a series of everyday experiences and vaguely familliar background link in a series of special moments.

© David BUOB

Jury Selections

Das Haus
- David BUOB

A little girl dreams of caring for her grandmother, but her mother and aunt prevent her from doing so. The story unfolds in a surreal space created by combining 2D chacters and props as flat as picture card shows with 3D backgrounds that provide a realistic sense of depth. Easily dispensing with real-world concepts like gravity, the film fills out a distinctive world of its own in which a flash swims in mid-air and potted grass is transplanted to the grandmother's head.


Jury Selections

- MIZUE Mirai

Cuboid shapes continue to transform endlessly in rhythm to the up-tempo music. Visual images are depicted by only three linear movements- a vertical line and oblique lines of 60 and 120 degrees- as its components, and while it looks very simple at first, the shapes in their simple lines and granulated motifs gradually taken on more complicated forms and layers, and in their multiplicity begin to suggest something instinctive.