Maon Kurosaki

Maon Kurosaki
1st ever performance in AFA and SE Asia!

Maon Kurosaki started her Anisong career in 2000 but only made her major debut in 2010 when she performed all the ending theme songs of the highly anticipated anime "High School of the Dead". She was able to explore her musical talents by contributing lyrics to 'Magic∞World' and 'Memories Last', the ending theme song of the second season of 'A Certain Magical Index'.

In 2011, she performed the ending theme song for 'Hakuoki Sekkarou' and made her debut at Animelo Summer Live 2011, Anisong's biggest stage. Maon also released her first full-length album, entitled 'Butterfly Effect'.

This year in 2012, her first release 'HELL:ium' will contain the theme songs of the movie series 'Real Ghost'. She will also be performing the opening theme song of the PSP game 'Jukki no Kizuna: Sekigahara Kitan'.

Notable anime series involved in:
High School Of The Dead Anime, Toaru Majutsu no Index II, Hakuoki Sekkaroku