Regional Cosplay Championship Malaysia Preliminary 2012

Canon presents
AFA Regional Cosplay Championship
Malaysia Preliminary 2012

This June, Anime Festival Asia will be hosting a preliminary cosplay competition at the first ever AFA MY, prior to the widely anticipated Regional Cosplay Championship at this year's AFA12 in November!

The top cosplay team from Malaysia will be selected to compete in the Regional Cosplay Championship during the two-day AFA12 where they will perform and be judged by a panel of distinguished guests from Japan and around the region, which includes internationally renowned cosplayer KANAME☆!
By registering and therefore participating in Anime Festival Asia Malaysia Cosplay Competition (the "Competition"), each participant agrees to follow these Official Rules and to be bound by any decisions made by ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA Malaysia Committee ("AFAMY") including any interpretations of these Official Rules.

Event: AFAMY Cosplay Competition, 10th June 2012
Venue: Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.


Winner will represent Malaysia in the AFA RCC 2012 that will be held in Singapore. His / her transport to AFA RCC 2012 (with return) & accommodation for their participation at the AFA RCC Finals 2012 will be bore by AFAMY.


  1. The Anime Festival Asia cosplay competition is a "Duo" team competition. Each participant ENTRY for this cosplay competition requires a pairing of 2 cosplayers.
  2. In order to register, each entry must send an email with subject "AFAMY Cosplay Competition Entry" to AFAMY at [email protected] before the registration closing date indicated below.
  3. Each participant entry must provide the following information of both cosplayers in the email submission form:
    1. Name (or nickname) of performing member(s)
    2. Gender of member(s)
    3. Name of group/performance
    4. NRIC/Passport No. (for verification)
    5. Contact Info (mobile no. & e-mail address)
    6. Title of intellectual property
    7. Name of character(s)*
    8. A picture of the character who the individual member is cosplaying in the finals, including a write up of the character's personality and traits, including any links to provide more character information.
    9. Photos of previous cosplay in high resolution for official publicity and pre-selection. Photos are preferably unedited by any software. Digitally edited photos will result in a penalty being imposed during pre-selection.
    10. List of previous cosplay competitions entered & its results.
    11. Photos of contestants in normal clothing.
  4. Photo Submission pictures are three (3) full body shot – front view, side view, back view + two (2) more either close up or portrait.
  5. Digitally edited photos will result in a penalty being imposed during pre-selection.
  6. Total attachments must not exceed 10MB.
  7. Each participation entry must have a team/performance name.
  8. AFAMY has the right to use images, video clips of participant's cosplay and performances prior and after the tournament.

*Note, the winner of AFAMY to represent Malaysia, must cosplay the same character at the AFA RCC Finals in Singapore. However, a different version of the character is allowed.

Registration begins on 27th April 2012 at 0:01am Malaysian time and ends on 19th May 2012 at 11:59pm Malaysian time. All emails for registration must be received by AFAMY by the 19th May 2012 at 11:59pm Malaysian time.


  1. This competition is open to all Malaysians above the age of 13.
  2. Participants under the age of 18 will require consent from a parent or guardian to enter the competition.
  3. Entries are restricted only to Japanese intellectual property including, but not limited to, anime, comics, game and novels.
  4. Original, generic and self-modified characters from media of Japanese origin are not eligible.
  5. Costumes can be self-made, commissioned, purchased. Commissioned, purchased costumes will have to bear a handicap (refer to judging guidelines)
  6. Contestants are to provide audio clips to be played in the background during their performances. The following are allowed but must be credited to the intellectual property rights owner:
    1. Original animation extracted from the title
    2. Voice(s) of original voice actor(s)
    3. Song(s) with voices of original singer(s)
    4. Full music or portion of music from the title
  7. The use of pyrotechnics is strictly prohibited on stage
  8. Self-made weapons or tools allowed are: Artificial/Toy guns without being loaded, or anything that is made of:
    1. Wood
    2. Aluminum foils (with no sharp/protruding ends)
    3. Polystyrene
    4. Cardboards
    5. Paper & art clays
    6. Other non toxic/dangerous materials
  9. Materials that are strictly prohibited are:
    1. Real hand guns with live ammunition.
    2. Any types of hard metal or metal foil (except aluminum foils).
    3. Blades or any sharp objects.
    4. Glass.
    5. Spray Paint cans and other aerosol related products.
    6. Any chemically hazardous (Inflammable, radioactive, corrosive, reactive or volatile) objects.
    7. Lighter, matches or anything that can cause fire.
  10. No liquid props allowed and items that stain / discolour or dirty the stage area are prohibited (i.e. fake blood, talcum powder).
  11. All information furnished by the contestant to the organizer should be truthful to the best of knowledge of the contestant.


  1. Out of all the complete entries, AFAMY will choose five (5) with the best photos as participants for the Competition and notify them via email latest by 16th May 2012. Twenty (23) days before the Competition, AFAMY will call the chosen participants to confirm that they are taking part in the Competition.
  2. Participants will be judged based on photos of their previous cosplay and picture of the character(s) cosplayed for the competition. Digitally edited photos will bear a score-penalty determined by a case-to-case basis.
  3. Participants' cosplay photos will be judged with reference to photos of participants in normal/daily clothing.
  4. AFAMY reserves the right not to publish cosplayers as participants on the organizers website if they have failed to provide the relevant and/or necessary information required for registration.
  5. AFAMY or judges' assessment, selection and decision shall be final and binding in all aspects of the Shortlisting and no disputes will be entertained.
  6. All five (5) chosen finalists will receive free entry to AFAMY 2012 event.


  1. Costume accuracy – 45%

    Reference pictures provided by the finalists will be compared with the cosplay photos back stage before the performances
  2. Costume workmanship – 35%

    The quality of the costume will be reviewed based on the cosplay photos
    1. For commissioned costume(s), the participating group will have to bear a 5% score-handicap.
    2. For purchased costume(s), the participating group will have to bear a 10% score-handicap
  3. Choice of character – 20%

    Awarded based on suitability of character for the participant

AFAMY Cosplay Competition FORMAT

  1. Each group's performance on stage is limited to 3 minutes, not including preparation and setting up time for set(s).
  2. Preparation and setting up of set(s) is limited to 1 minute.
  3. The topic for the skit performance is open. However, contestants should refrain from presenting on provocative or discriminative issues regarding religion, race, tradition, country as well as explicit sexual content.
  4. Contestants may bring their own sets to be used in the performance. Each competing category is limited to maximum 5 pieces of set and they have to be declared to AFAMY upon confirmation of contestants as finalists prior to the tournament.
  5. Contestants are to engage their own helper(s) to aid them in preparation, setting up their performance, with up to two (2) helpers per team.
  6. Contestants are to appear for a rehearsal/technical run for the competition on a day decided by the AFAMY.


  1. Costume accuracy – 25%

    Reference pictures provided by the finalists will be compared with the cosplay photos back stage before the performances.
  2. In character – 15%

    Character write-up and other media provided by the finalists will be compared with the finalist's character acting.
  3. Performance – 40%

    The finalist will be judged on the stage directions, movement, and entertainment value of the performance piece. Entertainment value will take up 30% of the performance score. Technical directions will take up 10% of performance score.
  4. Costume workmanship – 20%

    The quality of the costume will be reviewed backstage before the performance.
    1. For commissioned costume(s), the participating group will have to bear a 5% score-handicap.
    2. For purchased costume(s), the participating group will have to bear a 10% score-handicap.


  1. All information furnished by the contestant to the organizer should be truthful to the best of knowledge of the contestant.
  2. Contestant is responsible for condition of his/her costume at all times.
  3. Contestant should voice any difficulties to the AFAMY prior to the competition.
  4. Contestant backing out of the competition has to give official notice to the organizer at least 1 month prior to the competition.
  5. Contestant is responsible for the condition of any music or video to be played during his / her performance.
  6. Contestant should remain contactable during any reasonable time before the competition. In the case whereby contestant is unable to be contacted for a period of time, this period of time has to be made known to AFAMY.


  1. All participants are required to bear the cost of any overweight luggage charges when shipping costumes and other items. (relating only to the winner on their journey to AFA RCC in Singapore).
  2. All details are subjected to change, at the AFAMY discretion.
  3. AFAMY has the right to choose the 1st runner up as a replacement should the winner be unable or ineligible to follow thru their responsibility as the cosplay representative for AFAMY.
  4. AFAMY is not responsible to sort out immigration issues should the winner of the AFAMY has been previously barred from entering Singapore.


For enquiries on the competition, please email: [email protected] with the subject "Competition Enquiry".