Featuring 10 international J-Pop artistes delivering over
10 hours of your favourite anime songs, on a world class concert stage!

The AFA12 Electric Groove - Anisong World Stage will be held at
the Max Pavilion at Singapore Expo!



09 NOV 2012 (FRI)


10 NOV 2012 (SAT)


11 NOV 2012 (SUN)
(Full Solo Concert)
BABYMETAL FLOW fripSide LiSA m.o.v.e Hachioji-PMay'n Minami Kuribayashi Sea*A Sphere

T.M.Revolution – The Wait is Over! First ever AFA Performance!

Takanori Nishikawa who was born in 1970 in Shiga prefecture made his
debut in the name of T.M.Revolution (T.M.R.) in May 1996, with a single
"Dokusai –monopolize-". Since then, he has established a reputation as
a singer with ear-catching tunes, intriguing, irresistible and perfect
stage setting and live performances. Many singles have been picked
up for theme of major animations and games including"Mobile Suit
Gundam", and "Sengoku BASARA".

Since debut, T.M.R. has built global fan base and reputation mainly among
Japanimation fans. He has performed at major anime conventions in the US,
such as OTAKON 2003 (@ Baltimore, MD, August 2003), Pacific Media Expo
(@ Anaheim, CA and other cities, May 2004) and the local audience were
dazzled by his dynamic performance. These activities led to his release
of albums worldwide.

T.M.R. launched his 10th anniversary project in 2005. He released single "vestige"
in August 2005 charting No.1 on Oricon chart (Japanese version of Billboard) and
released a self-cover album "UNDER:COVER" (all songs are requested by fans) in
January 2006. In June, he released a CD and a DVD, both entitled "1000000000000"
(pronounced billion) featuring all singles and music videos he had released until
then and ranked NO.1 on Oricon chart.

Also, T.M.R. went back to the US by appearing on stage for New York Comic
Convention, the largest pop culture convention on April 19th 2008 in NYC.
On September 19th 2012, T.M.R. released DVD and Blu-ray disc "T.M.R.
LIVE REVOLUTION '12 -15th Anniversary FINAL-" which contains footage of
15th anniversary tour final at Daiichi-Taiikukan, National Yoyogi Stadium
in Tokyo. On September 2012, he organized a huge open-air rock festival
"Inazuma Rock Festival" for the fourth time in his birth place Shiga prefecture.

He will be participating "Anime Festival Asia 2012" in Singapore in November.
He's currently expanding his field as an actor, voice actor, and
host for a media program.

Notable Anime Series Involved In:
Ruroni Kenshin, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED,
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Soul Eater, Sengoku Basara

BABYMETAL - 'Kawaii Metal' idols!

BABYMETAL is made up of three members, SU-METAL, MOAMETAL and YUIMETAL.

BABYMETAL was formed in 2010 with a theme of 'Kawaii METAL',
combining J-POP idols and heavy metal. The PV to their first single,
Doki Doki ☆Morning, was uploaded to Youtube and was soon viewed
by many overseas viewers expressing shock. The group has started
to gain notice not only in Japan but also overseas in the North and
South America, Europe and Asia. The direction the group is going is
to be the only one, rather than number one.

FLOW - The Anisong Rock Legends Return!

Originally formed in 1993 by TAKE and his older brother/vocalist KOHSHI, the band was named FLOW in '98 and evolved
into its current line-up in 2000, after bassist GOT'S, another vocalist KEIGO and drummer IWASAKI joined the siblings.

They released an indie debut album a decade ago in 2001, and since then the 5-piece band's fast ascent to the
top of the mainstream J-Pop scene has been virtually unstoppable. In 2003, they dropped their last indie single
'Okuru Kotoba', a New Found Glory-style, punk rock cover of a well-known Japanese tune from the 70s, and
sold 270,000 units. That same year, they signed with Ki/oon Records and followed up the single's success
with their first major release 'SPLASH!!!', which reached number two on the Oricon chart.

By the spring of the next year, FLOW has become a household name with at least 7 of their records picked up to
be theme songs for commercials and TV shows. Then, in April 2004, 'GO!!!' became the opening song for
'Naruto' – an anime series that was already massively popular in Japan. Needless to say the song became an
instant hit and the first of many anime theme songs that FLOW would come to create.

'FLOW ANIME BEST' includes 10 of these anime theme songs have
been released in April 2011 in Japan and in May 2011 in the U.S.
FLOW is ready to rock on the international arena for their growing
fan base. The genesis of the band's true success story is only now
unfolding. So, take a deep breath and behold. FLOW is about to
reach the musical shores beyond Japan and the anime world.

The single CD "Hey!!!" was released in Japan on August 31st, 2011.
This song is being used as the third opening theme to the animation
"BEELZEBUB" In 2012, both their new single "Rock Climber" and
new album "BLACK & WHITE" were released on February 22nd.

FLOW will celebrate their 10th anniversary this year!

Notable anime series involved in:
Code Geass, Eureka Seven, Naruto, Heroman, Persona Trinity Soul,
Beelzebub, Eureka Seven AO

fripSide – For the first time ever at AFA

Leading fripSide is the revolutionary sound creator, Satoshi Yaginuma, or "sat",
who seeks perfection in music using synthesizers and catchy melodies.

fripSide began it's second generation when Yoshino Nanjo joined the group
as it's new vocalist. They made their debut with the song, Only My Railgun,
the opening theme song of the TV anime"A Certain Scientific Railgun".
No one expected that the single would go all the way to third on the
Oricon Weekly Charts. This release was followed by LEVEL5-judgelight-
and future gazer, all the opening theme songs for the same anime.
Needless to say, the two singles fared just as well, thanks to the
synthesizer-pop music created by sat and very clear voice of Nanjo.

The duo released their first original album in 2010, inifinite synthesis,
comprising of both original and previously released songs.
The album peaked at eighth on the Oricon Weekly Charts.

In 2011, fripSide released Heaven is a Place on Earth, the theme
song for the "Hayate no Gotoku: The Movie" and had a sound that
fascinated listeners with an unheard before fresh and lively style.
way to answer, a song that marked their return to the
"A Certain Scientific Railgun" series.

Notable anime series involved in:
A Certain Scientific Railgun, Hayate no Gotoku

LiSA – Rising Star of Anisong Returns!

LiSA is one of the hottest, rising stars in anisong. She has captivated many audiences with her
ability to get everyone into the mood of her performance.

Born in Gifu prefecture, LiSA started her own band while in high school, having caught a growing
wave of punk rock. In 2008, she moved to Tokyo in order to further her musical career.

In 2010, she was chosen as the singing voice of Yui, the second singer of the fictional band
'Girls Dead Monster', for the hit anime "Angel Beats!". Many of the singles and albums
released under Girls Dead Monster garnered a lot of success on the Oricon charts.

In the spring of 2011, LiSA released her own solo mini-album, Letters to U.
In support of the album's release, she toured Japan to perform to sell-out
crowds nationwide. Her next single, Oath Sign, has been announced to be
the opening of "Fate/Zero".

Her first full-length studio album, LOVER"S"MiLE, was release in 2012
and 'crossing field', her second single, will be the opening theme
song of the TV anime series, "Sword Art Online".

Notable anime series involved in:
Angel Beats!, Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online

m.o.v.e – Here to Rock it Down at AFA!

m.o.v.e., made up of Motsu and Yuri, was formed by producer t.kimura's concept of
"continually repeating the process of shifting and evolving without being held down
by predefined notions of nationality or sound."

The band debuted with the song ROCK IT DOWN on October 1, 1997. Since then,
the band has released 56 titles, comprising of 31 singles, 11 original albums,
7 remix albums, 3 best albums, 3 cover albums, and 1 concert album.

The band is best known for using a wide genre of music, ranging from
hip-hop to heavy rock, from Eurobeat to industrial heavy metal.
Their sound is ever evolving, with no let up in the band's penchant
in experimenting in different genres.

m.o.v.e.'s activities has also found themselves heavily into the
anime subculture. Their special project anim.o.v.e., features
them covering popular anime songs. The duo has also been
rendered into character form to accompany the release of
the Vocaloid synthesizer software, sampling their voices.

With their contribution to all of the hit anime series "Initial D"
opening themes, m.o.v.e has found themselves getting support
from various automobile related activities, such as the Super GT
racing series and the Tokyo Auto Salon. Their logo has been
featured on a Mitsubishi GT3000 during these events.

The band released its twelfth original album album in March of 2012
and will be will celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in 2012 as well!

Notable anime series involved in:
Initial D series, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Ikki Tousen

Hachioji-P - Special Opening Party at AFA!

Hachioji P is one of the most popular young talent in the Vocaloid circle on Nico Nico Douga. The total views of all his uploaded videos are more than 8 million. Together with MMD Producer Wakamura P, Hachioji P's most renowned works available online "Sweet Devil" and "electric love" brings the audiences the electric sound for dance and the high quality became a well-discussed topic and eventually showed very remarkable results.

His first major release album "electric love" released on 1st February 2012 hit the 11th place of the Oricon chart on its first release. Being highly involved with Hatsune Miku, which became a popular phenomenon, he was featured in the NHK "Weekly News Fukayomi", "Ohayo Nippon", "Mr. Sunday" and other media. During a collaboration with Weekly News Fukayomi for "Fukayomi feat. Hatsune Miku", it quickly hit 500 thousands, became a hot topic and the song is officially accepted as the main theme song. He is not only famous in Japan, his release "Sweet Devil" was ranked 4th on the K-POP/J-POP chart in Taiwan. After that, his next release "electric love" was 3rd on the chart. All this result gave it a total rank of 8th.

On 29th August 2012, he did a collaboration with kz(livetune) for the PlayStation Vita software "Hatsune Miku-Project-f" to produce a tie-up song "Weekender Girl", which was released in a split single along with the feature song of Miku Creator's Project on Google+, "fake doll". Besides that, he also took part in some produce work for real vocalist, such as Shoko Nakagawa and Risa Yoshiki.

Hachioji P is very active as a DJ and his talents are well recognized. With the fusion of his dance music from his DJ works and the electric sounds for Vocaloids, Hachioji P is able to create a very unique kind of music. He performed at the "ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2012" in the summer of 2012 at the DJ BOOTH and his festival level of performance left the audiences a great impression.

*MMD is an acronym for Miku Miku Dance, a free ware for 3D Model animation and control.

May'n – Asia's Most Loved Singing Diva is back once more!

The name "May'n" originates from her real name an consists of her passion and dream to sing "the song that will become everyone's' theme song".

In 2008, May'n performed as the singing voice of Sheryl in "Macross Frontier". In the same year, both her singles made
it to the Third place on Oricon Weekly Chart, giving her big breakthrough. In the following year, she released her highly
anticipated mini album May'n☆Street, which made it to number two on the Oricon Weekly Chart. Since then,
her works have always made it to the top of the charts.

May'n held her first solo live concert in the Nippon Budoukan in January 2010, with tickets completely sold out,
followed by an Asia Tour in March and a summer tour, covering 17 performances in July around Japan.
She continued to mesmerize audiences, regardless of overseas or in Japan, with her strong
singing skills and powerful high-tone voice.

May'n was chosen to sing the theme song for the movie "Incite Mill: 7 days of Death Game"
in the autumn of 2010, followed by the nationwide airing of her 3D Live Documentary
"May'n THE MOVIE -Phonic Nation-" in February 2011. Within the same month,
her 2nd album If you... hit seventh place on the Oricon Weekly chart. In March,
she successfully performed on the stage of Nippon Budokan again,
bringing her career to another peak.

May'n did her second Asia tour in May 2011, visiting 6 different cities. In July,
she attended the largest Japanese cultural and entertainment festival in
Europe, Japan Expo in Paris, and was well-received by fans there. On 20th
March 2012, she took to the stage of the Yokohama Arena with May'n
Special Concert 2012 "May'n☆GO!AROUND!! ", releasing her 3rd album
Heat the following day.

With the release of Chase the world, the opening theme song for TV
animation "Accel World", she began her world tour "ROCK YOUR BEATS",
breaking her own record and performing thirty-five concerts.

Get ready to meet May'n, the female rock vocalist of the new generation,
and prepare to be fascinated by her singing skills and powerful voice.

Notable Anime Series Involved In:
Macross Frontier, Shangri La, Ookami-san, Sengoku Basara,
Hidan no Aria, Accel World

Minami Kuribayashi

– Singer, Seiyuu & Songwriter to perform at AFA!

Minami Kuribayashi is one of Anisong's most well-known personalities, one of the first few
artistes who have done both voice acting and singing. She is also for known writing songs,
both for herself and other artistes.

She made her debut in 2001, both performing the theme song, Rumbling Hearts and
voicing the main heroine, Haruka Suzumiya, of the PC visual novel "Kimi ga Nozumu Eien".
Since then she has performed numerous anime and game theme songs, many of them
becoming cult hits amongst fans. Her most recent releases are Happy Crazy Box (Medaka Box)
and Signs ~Sakutsuki Ichiya~ (Muv Luv Altenative: Total Eclipse).

Kuribayashi has previously performed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States and Brazil
to large crowds. She has also collaborated with Sound Horizon on their Moira album and
supported them on their live tour. She was also part of the vocal unit SoutherN, performing
the insert song Bounce Back, for "Kamen Rider Fourze".

She also celebrated her tenth anniversary in 2011, with a live concert in Nakano Sunplaza
and an album featuring her greatest hits.

Notable anime series involved in:
Kimi ga Nozumu Eien, Chrono Crusade, Mai HiME, Mai Otome,
Super Robot Wars: Original Generations, Gigantic Formula, Kurenai,
Kampfer, Sora wo kakeru Shoujo, Inifnite Stratos, Gundam AGE,
Medeka Box, Muv Luv Altenative: Total Eclipse

Sea☆A – Born from AFA!

From Anime Festival Asia's very own Moe Moe Kyun maid cafe comes the latest Anisong idol unit
to debut in Japan, Sea☆A! Made up of Winnie, Beryl, Valerie and Estelle, Sea☆A hopes to
capture the hearts and minds of anime fans, both in Japan and overseas, with their own
special brand of appeal.

Their first single, Dream Shooter, has been featured as the third ending theme
of the hit TV anime, "Cardfight!! Vanguard". Their next single,
DELI-DELI☆DELICIOUS, will be the ending theme of "Toriko".
Last November, the girls performed at the prestigious Animax
Musix 2011, in Yokohama Arena, alongside names such
as May'n, Shoko Nakagawa and angela.

Their latest single, Friendship Birthday -Arashi no Yoru ni" is
the opening theme of the animated TV series "Arashi no
Yoru ni -Himitsu no Tomodachi- "("One Stormy Night -
Secret Friends "). Not only has theshow started its
broadcast in Japan, it will be shown in over fifteen countries
in the Asia, Europe, North and South America! The song also
marks the first time any Anisong artiste recorded the same
song in Japanese, English and Chinese.

The name Sea☆A is made of three parts. SEA is short for
South-East Asia, as all four members who come from
South-East Asia. The star represents the stars that they
hope to be. And finally, A is for their passion for Japanese
anime and the wish to spread their songs throughout
Asia with their activities.

Notable anime series involved in:
Card Fight!! Vanguard, Toriko, Arashi no Yoru ni

Sphere – Super Seiyuu Unit! First ever AFA Performance!

The all-girl seiyuu group, Sphere, consists of 4 members - Minako Kotobuki, Ayahi Takagaki,
Haruka Tomatsu and Aki Toyosaki. The group was formed in February 2009, and was soon
followed by the release of their debut single, Future Stream. Since then, the group has
been growing well as a seiyuu unit.

Sphere held their first Japan nationwide concert tour in year 2010. They also hold the
achievement of being the fastest seiyuu unit to ever perform in the Nippon Budoukan,
within a period of a year and nine months of their formation. The following year,
the group also performed at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Center,
and was soon followed by their radio and television programme going on air.
They also held a two days concert at Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium
and the live concert video had made it to the first place in the
Oricon Blu-ray disc sales charts. A very active year for Sphere indeed!

However, their momentum isn't stopping in 2012. The group
continues to fight strongly. All four members of the group starred
in the TV Animation "Natsuiro Kiseki", performed around Japan
for their live tour, which included a 2-days concert in the
Yokohama Arena and released their third Album Third Planet,
which eventually topped the Oricon Daily Ranking. Let's look
forward to what challenges the group will meet and their great
performances in the future.

Notable Anime Series Involved In:
Hatsukoi Limited, Sora no Manimani, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou,
Asobi ni Iku yo!, Otome Youkai Zakuro, Hanasaku Iroha,
Shinryaku Ika Musume, Natsuiro Kiseki

Sphere's CD will be available at the Lantis Corner in the My-Cartoon Booth "A06" while Sphere's merchandise will be on sale at the Sony Music booth "A11".

Only limited quantity is available, grab them fast!