Featured Anime: YuruYuri San☆Hai!


Yuru Yuri is a TV anime series that first aired in 2011, which rapidly gained popularity. The 2nd season aired in 2012, and the highly anticipated 3rd season is currently airing. It depicts the daily life of a group of junior high school girls.

Day Stage – SUN 12:00

Their first appearance at AFA will be a talk panel. It will feature Shiori Mikami who voices the main character “Akaza Akari” and Suzuko Mimori who voices her classmate “Furutani Himawari”. The show is going to include memorable scenes from Yuri Yuri’s 3rd season that is currently on air, and a talk show with the two guests.

This session is open to all fans holding at least Exhibition + Stage tickets, and also includes access to other day stage events featuring voice actress appearances, anisong artiste appearances, ARCC cosplay competition and performances.


Official website: http://yuruyuri.com/3hai/