Featured Anime: Is the order a rabbit??


From this spring, Cocoa has come to this new town to attend high school.

While lost in the streets, she came across the cafe “Rabbit House”, which also happens to be the cafe she is supposed to be staying at.

With the all-round cuteness emerging from the small and cool Chino, the military tempered Rize, the easygoing Japanese-styled Chiya, and the overflowing elegance of the masses in Syaro, together with Chino’s classmates Maya and Megu, as well as the addition of regular customer, the author Aoyama Blue Mountain, Rabbit House is filled with cuteness today as well!

Day Stage

Join our guest voice actor, Show Hayami, the voice of Chino’s father and master of Rabbit House as he shares about Gochiusa! This session is open to all fans holding VIP, GA and Exhibition + Stage tickets, and also includes access to other day stage events featuring voice actress appearances, anisong artiste appearances, ARCC cosplay competition and performances.


Official website: www.gochiusa.com/