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HoriPro was established in 1960 as a management company for singers and musicians. Since then, under the philosophy of "Promoting culture to inspire people," we have expanded into many business fields, discovering and cultivating a diversed range of talent.

In February 1989, HoriPro became the first artist management company in Japan to offer public stock. This was followed by the company's listing in the 2nd section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 1997, and then in the 1st section of TSE. Responding sensitively to the ever-changing needs of our society and people, HoriPro has continued to professionalize our business. 

As a comprehensive entertainment corporation, we strive to facilitate synergy and value-added enterprises between our business units and to contribute to both Japanese and global society of the 21st century by bringing dreams and inspiration to our lives.

HoriPro Inc. - Our Featured Performers at AFA12


The name "May'n" originated from her real name and consists of her passion and dream to sing "the song that will become everyone's main theme song".

Get ready to meet May'n, the female rock vocalist of the new generation, and prepare to be fascinated by her singing skills and powerful voice!

Sea*A(Anisong Idols)

The Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café which made the first debuted at AFA, featured talents, who love Japanese Anime, Idols, Cosplay and Figurines, and it is from these pool of talented individuals, that 4 girls with strong personalities were chosen to be part of "Sea☆A": Beryl, Valerie, Wynnie & Estelle!

Kishio Daisuke(Voice Actor)

A voice actor from Mie, Japan, Kishio Daisuke's musical activities are remarkable, apart from the popular work of anime, a game, narration, and dubbing foreign film.

As a voice actor, he is able to play different roles, such as a cheerful and innocent, androgynous, cool prince, and the heartless villain.

HoriPro Inc. - Booth Highlights!

    [ Special Message Movie for AFA ]

  • May'n (Artiste) - visiting AFA as performing artiste
  • Sea*A (Anisong idol) - visiting AFA as performing artiste
  • Daisuke Kishio (Voice actor and Artiste) - visiting AFA for special appearance
  • Tatsuya Fujiwara (Actor)
  • Haruka Ayase (Actress)
  • Tomomi Itano(AKB48)
  • nano (Artiste)
  • Azusa Tadokoro (Voice actress)
  • Ayaka Ohashi (Voice actress)
  • Ibuki Kido (Voice actress)
  • and more!!

    [ Costume Exhibition ]

  • May'n

    Used for CD Cover Photo of May'n 3rd Album 「HEAT」 and 「HEAT of the moment」MV
  • Tomomi Itano(AKB48)

    Used for AKB48 concert at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA (23/03/2012-25/03/2012) and the special collaboration advertisement BANDAI DATA CARDDASS 「AIKATSU」

HoriPro Inc. - Booth Schedule

As part of HoriPro Inc's participation at Anime Festival Asia, there will be some special surprises at their booth, just for you!




Sea☆A Talk Stage


Daisuke Kishio Talk Stage


May'n Talk Stage


HoriPro Prezents @ Main Stage


Sea☆A Handshake event & Autograph session


Daisuke Kishio Handshake event & Autograph session


May'n Handshake event & Autograph session



Sea☆A Handshake event & Autograph session


Daisuke Kishio Handshake event & Autograph session


Sea☆A "We are DREAM SHOOTERS!!" Limited Edition Event.


May'n Handshake event & Autograph session


Daisuke Kishio Panel Discussion

HoriPro Inc. - Main Stage Segment - 10.11.12 (SAT) at 2.50pm

A Main Stage Segment brought to you by HoriPro, one of the major talent agency in Japan, with over 50 years history!


Gracing us on the stage is May'n, the singer of theme songs for titles such as, Macross Frontier, Shangri La, Okami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi, Inshitemiru - 7 days of Death Game, Sengoku Basara 2, Valkyria Chronicles 3, Hidan no Aria, Accel World, Onimusha Soul, BTOOOM!, E.X.TROOPERS, who not only successfully completed 34 concerts for her world tour this year, but also successfully hit the top charts with all her CD singles.

Kishio Daisuke(Voice Actor)

There will be voice acting performance by voice actor, Daisuke Kishio, who performed in many titles, such as Zoido (Bang Freiheit), TYTANIA (Jousselin Tytania), Tegami Bachi (Saji), Vampire Knight (Kuran Kaname), Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (Itaku), Fairy-Tale (Roki), Kamisama Kiss (Kurama), ROBOTICS;NOTES (Doto Genki) and dubbing for Glee.

Sea*A(Anisong Idols)

Joining us as emcee is Sea☆A, the Anisong idol group originated from Singapore, made their debut in Japan and sang the theme song for popular titles, such as Cardfight! Vanguard, Stormy Night~Secret Friends~, Toriko, Cardfight! Vanguard Asia Circuit. Don't miss this premium stage!

Sea*A Limited Edition Event! - 11.11.12 (SUN) at 3.30pm

  The autograph and handshake events will be held for only purchaser of Sea*A 1st Mini Album『We are DREAM SHOOTERS!!』 You will be entitled to join the photo shooting session for getting 5 copies of the album!! ※One photo together with all 4 members.

※ CD: No limitations on number of copies that can be purchased.
※ Purchase of one copy entitles you to join the handshake event once.
※ Purchase 5 copies and get to join the handshake event 5 times and also a photo shooting session with all 4 members.
※ Please note that there are limited numbers of CD for sale.
※ Please prepare camera or a mobile phone with in-built camera by yourself for the photo shooting session.

HoriPro Inc. - Artiste Goods

You will receive a ticket to join a handshake & autograph session of your favorite artist (May'n, Sea*A, or Daisuke Kishio) when you purchase 30 Singapore Dollars worth of merchandise at AFA HoriPro stand.


• T-Shirt (2 types) *AFA limited
• Mug *AFA limited
• Pamphlet (7 types)
• Pamphlet
• Towel
• Clear File Folder
• Coin Case
• Big Can Badge
• Can Badge (a set of 2)
※$295 for all May'n pamphlets (8 types), you may purchase them at a discounted price of $290 and receive May'n Post Card (not for sale) with her autograph message.

Sea*A(Anisong Idols)

• Towel
• Can badge (a set of 2)
• Photograph
※Purchase all of Sea*A artist goods (towel, can badge, and photograph), and with your own camera, you can take a photo with all members.

Kishio Daisuke
(Voice Actor)

• Towel (2 types)
• Eco Bag (2 types)
• Can Badge
※Purchase all of DAISUKE KISHIO artist goods (towel(2 types),Eco bag (2 types), and can badge), and with your own camera, you can take a photo with him.


• Tatsuya Fujiwara Mug
• Tatsuya Fujiwara Coaster Strap
• Tatsuya Fujiwara Compact Mirror
• Clear File Folder (3 types)

May'n The Limited Edition CD with DVD