Atelier Royale Butler Café

ARCC Indonesia Preliminary 2012
Singles Cosplay Showcase

In addition to ARCC, to recognise the efforts put in by the individual cosplayers who attend AFA, AFA ID will be running a Singles competition. Individual cosplayers will be judged on an individual basis in the Exhibition grounds. Now is the time for you to shine!


  • Winner: Best of the Best

    • Rp1.000.000
    • Certificate
  • Rest of Contestants

    • Goodie Bag
    • Certificate

Rules and Regulations


    1. Restricted to Japanese intellectual property including, but not limited to: anime/ manga, game, novels & live-action.
    2. Make your way to the Cosplay Zone within the AFA ID exhibition grounds in full costume at 11am on Sep 1 for judging.
    3. Remain in the areauntil the judges enter the zone to pick the five best Cosplayers.


    1. Report to the back stage area at 1pm on Sep 1.
    2. The MC will call the five best Cosplayers to perform on stage for a maximum of one minute..
    3. Judges will choose only one winner, the "Best of the Best", from these five contestants.

  • * NOTE

    1. We will not provide changing rooms for Cosplay Singles.
    2. Helpers will not be allowed back stage .
    3. Real sword/ props, fire & liquid are not allowed .
    4. The MC will call for the next contestant a maximum of three times before moving onto the next contestant. The non-responding contestant will be disqualified.