About AFA


It has come to our notice that there has been an official infringement of copyright through a un-authorized badly cloned site of the AFA Indonesia Official Site. The organizers hereby declare that this site is in no way associate with AFA, or AFA Indonesia, or any of the organizing parties of AFA Indonesia. AFA will NOT SUPPORT any claims or whatsoever as a result of ticket purchases or information coming from the infringed website.

UNAUTHORIZED / INFRINGEMENT SITE (ILLEGAL): http://www.animefestivalasiaindonesia.com/

OFFICIAL AFA INDONESIA 2012 WEBSITE (LEGAL): http://www.animefestival.asia/afaid/

As of today, all ticketing of I LOVE ANISONG concert for AFA Indonesia 2012 will be done ONLY throughhttp://rajakarcis.com/ *Please do not trust other websites who claim they are selling tickets for AFA ID.

The organisers will be taking legal action on the infringed website. If any persons behind the infringed website is reading this, please remove the infringed website immediately. We strongly urge those who know the people behind this infringement to send information to: [email protected]

Please share this with all your friends, as to not be tricked by the unauthorized website.