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The father, Shozo Chihaya, is alive. During the battle against “Fog Student Council” President, Fog battleship Hiei, the father appeared together with the Mental Model of the Super Battleship Musashi, de facto leader of the Fog Fleet, to urge the world to surrender. Captain of the I-401, Gunzo Chihaya, adds a new aim of seeing his father once again onto the search of Yamato, the Supreme Flagship of the Fleet of Fog, to demand an “explanation” for naval blockade, and he heads for the Arctic sea. Iona, in the meantime, is informed of her origin during a refueling stop at Vladivostok. While Iona matures as a Mental Model and starts looking forward into the “future”, the “past” torments her. Following the order of Musashi, Fog Fleet’s de facto leader, the “Fog Student Council” stands in the way of I-401 to prevent it from penetrating the Arctic sea. Will I-401 be able to get through the blockade set up by the large fleet led by Hiei, a large battleship, and 4 Imperial Japanese Navy heavy cruisers to reach the Arctic sea where Musashi and Gunzo are waiting?  What awaits Gunzo and Iona beyond the blockade?

Day Stage

Join our guest voice actress, Mai Fuchigami, as she shares about her experience as well as what to expect from the upcoming movie!

When: 25 Sep 2015 (Fri) -15:15

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