Exhibitor: AFA Mini Stage


Hosted by: Angelina Hirawan

An ordinary girl who loves to sing, hoping to spread happiness and encouragement to people through her singing. Angelina loves Japan pop culture and found that most of Japanese songs have the same goals Angelina wants to achieve. That’s why for Angelina, translating Japanese songs to her national language, so everyone in her country can understand it’s meaning and thus getting inspired to become a better person. Also she hopes to introduce her country’s culture to Japan and beyond through her singing.

Other information:

Angelina had participated in many auditions (including jkt48) but has never been accepted. At last, she was accepted to Horipro’s regional project, Asian Pop Collective, becoming the first Indonesian to join a Japanese talent agency. Right now, Angelina is having activities on her own. Angelina was quite famous in JKT48 fanbase because Angelina was covering a lot of AKB48 songs and translate it to Bahasa Indonesia by herself.

Official Site: http://angelinahira.asia/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/angelinahira
Twitter: (@AngelinaHira): https://twitter.com/AngelinaHira
Instagram: @angelinahira22