I LOVE ANISONG - yanaginagi




Born on 31 May in the Kansai region. In 2006, she began musical activities as an artiste/vocalist. Her aim is to create music that is similar to a fairy tale, with scenes of nostalgia and a casual lifestyle.

In 2009, she accepted an offer from supercell, and was the guest vocalist under the name “nagi”. In February 2012, she achieved her major solo debut, and to date has released 10 singles and 2 album. She is also highly active in live performances through nationwide tours.

With a delicate voice that you cannot forget once you have heard it, and supported by songs that leave an impression with its world view, her reach continues to expand. In December 2014, her anticipated second album will be released!


Official Site: http://yanaginagi.net/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/yanaginagi


Day stage appearance:
When: 26 Sep 2015 (Sat) – 14:45
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I love anisong: 
When: 26 Sep 2015 (Sat)
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