ARCC Thailand

Anime Festival Asia Thailand 2016 will be hosting ARCC Thailand to search for the best duo in Thailand. ARCC Thailand is brought to you by COSCOM and Logitech.

Competition details:


  • Start of application: 15 July 2016
  • End of Application: 31 July 2016


  • Competition date: 21 August 2016
  • Top Prize: THB 20,000
  • 2nd place: 2 x Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset (worth THB 6,760)
  • 3rd place: 2 x Logitech G230 Surround Sound Gaming Headset (worth THB 5,450)

Competition Rules:

Please direct all enquiries on the rules to [email protected].


  • Restricted to *Japanese intellectual property including, but not limited to, anime, comics, game, novel
    *Any game, comic, animation…etc. produced in Japanese language including adaptions e.g. Japanese made anime of Ironman.
  • Characters in the group must be from the same intellectual property.
  • Participants are to provide the title of the intellectual property and name and picture of the character which they are cosplaying.
  • Each participation entry must have a team/performance name.
  • Competition is open to those residing Thailand only.
  • Each group is restricted to 2 cosplayers.
  • Participants under the legal age will require consent from a parent or guardian to enter the tournament.
  • AFA has the right to use images, video clips of participant’s cosplay and performances prior and after the tournament.
  • Each group’s performance on stage is limited to 3 minutes not including preparation and setting up time for set(s).
  • Preparation and setting up of set(s) is limited to 1 minute.
  • Costumes can be self-made, commissioned, purchased. Commissioned, purchased costumes will have to bear a handicap (refer to judging guidelines).
  • Contestants are to provide music/video clips to be played in the background during their performances. The following are allowed but must be credited to the intellectual property rights owner:
    • Original animation extracted from the title
    • Voice(s) of original voice actor(s)
    • Song(s) with voices of original singer(s)
    • Full music or portion of music from the title
  • The use of pyrotechnics, powder, confetti or any other item that can cause fire hazard or dirty the stage is strictly prohibited.
  • Contestants may bring their own sets/stage props to be used in the performance. Each competing category is limited to maximum 3 pieces of set and they have to be declared to the organizer upon confirmation of contestants as finalists prior to the tournament. The setting up of sets must be manageable by 2 contestants + 2 female helpers.
  • The combined dimension of the sets when set up should not exceed 2m. X 2m. X 2m.
  • Contestants are to engage their own helper(s), limited to 2 helpers, to aid them in preparation, setting up for their performance.

Judging Criteria:


  • Participants will be judged based on photos and 30 second video of draft performance.
    Digitally edited photos will bear a score-penalty determined by a case-to-case basis.
    Wearing at least 50% of costume in video is required
  • Costume Workmanship – 40%
  • Draft Performance – 60%


  • Costume accuracy – 15%
    Reference pictures provided by the finalists will be used to compare with the costume in the back stage before the performances.
  • In character – 15%
    Character write-up other media provided by the finalists will be used to compare with the finalist’s character acting.
  • Showmanship – 35%
    The finalist will be judged on the stage directions, movement, and entertainment value of the performance piece.
    • Entertainment value will take up 15% of the performance score.
    • Technical directions will take up 10% of performance score.
    • The effective and appropriate use of backdrop video will take up 10%.
  • Costume workmanship – 25%
    • The quality of the costume will be reviewed in backstage before the performance.
    • For commissioned costume(s), the participating group will have to bear a 15% handicap on the scoring
    • For purchased costume(s), the participating group will have to bear a 20% handicap on the scoring
  • Choice of character – 10%
    The score will be on whether the character is suitable for the contestant.