Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFAID) is back for its 6th instalment since 2012. This time under a new partnership between AFA and C3 – the event will be rebranded C3 Anime Festival Asia (C3AFA) Jakarta 2017. The unification will bring forth new and upgraded contents to Japanese pop culture fans in Indonesia from 18 – 20 August 2017 at JIExpo.

C3 AFA Jakarta 2017 aims to bring in the latest and best content from Japan and will adopt Anime Festival Asia’s signature style of having 3 main areas for fans: Exhibition, Stage and Concert.

The exhibition area will host both Japanese and local companies, anime fans can purchase limited and exclusive items from their favourite anime series here. The stage will feature anime screenings, voice actors and actresses, cosplay shows and more. The I love anisong concert that happens at night will feature eight top anisong artistes from Japan.

C3 AFA Jakarta Partner Profiles

About AFA

The first AFA was held in 2008 in Singapore. Boasting artiste concerts and many stage programs direct from Japan, AFA is the largest Japanese Pop Culture Event in Southeast Asia. With its 2016 edition covering three countries, it saw a total of over 210,000 event attendees over the three countries (94,000 in Singapore, 62,000 in Indonesia, 55,000 in Thailand) SOZO is the owner and manager of the AFA events platform.

About C3 Event

Started by organiser Sotsu in 2000 in Tokyo with “Character, Culture and Contents” as its focus. Its strength lies in the many character goods manufacturers exhibiting at the event. In 2009, the event began its East-Asia expansion to Hong Kong, and reached Beijing in 2016.



  1. No outside food and drinks are allowed.
    Dilarang membawa makanan dan minuman dari luar
  2. Children under the height of 90cm can enter free if accompanied by 1 paying adult.
    Anak-anak dengan tinggi badan dibawah 90cm diperbolehkan masuk dengan gratis ditemani oleh satu pengunjung dewasa
  3. C3AFA Jakarta will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
    C3AFA Jakarta tidak bertanggung jawab akan segala kehilangan, kerusakan atau pencurian yang terjadi
  4. No smoking is allowed at all times.
    Dilarang merokok di area event
  5. Running and shoving is prohibited at all times.
    Dilarang Berlari dan berdesak-desakan
  6. By entering the event hall, you hereby give consent to having your photo taken and/or publish by both regional and local media.
    Dengan memasuki area event, anda memberi izin untuk diambil fotonya dan/atau dipublikasikan oleh media lokal dan regional
  7. There is no guarantee that guests will receive fan gifts. Please respect staff’s instructions.
    Tidak ada jaminan bahwa bintang tamu bisa menerima hadiah dari fans. Tolong hormati instruksi staf
  8. Cosplayers are welcomed to dress up at the event except for military or police attire.
    Cosplayer dipersilakan untuk berpakaian kostum dalam event kecuali kostum militer atau polisi
  9. Dangerous props such as blades with sharp edges, projectile weapons (NERF guns, ninja stars; shurkiens etc) and metal props will not be allowed. Firearm replicas must be marked with a bright coloured safety tip or must look 100% identifiable as a toy. When traveling to the event, you must keep all props secured and covered.
    Prop berbahaya seperti pedang dengan sisi tajam, senjata proyektil (pistol NERF, shuriken, dll) dan prop metal dilarang. Replika senjata api harus ditandai dengan tip keamanan berwarna cerah atau harus 100% terlihat seperti mainan. Saat ada di dalam event, anda harus menjaga prop anda aman dan terkover
  10. Ticket scalping and illegal sales of other merchandise (without a paid booth) is prohibited.
    Memalsukan tiket dan penjualan merchandise secara ilegal (tanpa booth dalam event) dilarang
  11. Please only purchase official tickets from our ticketing agents listed on our website and official ticketing box counters (near Hall B3 entrance). If found with an unofficial (e.g fake) ticket, you will not be allowed entry in to the event. Organisers reserve the right to cancel and destroy unofficial tickets if found to be fake or not released by the Organiser.
    Disarankan untuk hanya membeli tiket resmi dari agen tiket kami dan loket tiket resmi (dekat pintu masuk hall B3). Jika anda didapati dengan tiket palsu, anda tidak akan diijinkan memasuki event. Organizer mempunyai hak untuk membatalkan dan menghancurkan tiket tidak resmi jika itu tiket palsu atau tidak dirilis oleh Organizer.

Organisers reserve all rights to remove persons violating the above rules from the event without any form of refund.
Organizer mempunyai hak untuk membawa keluar pihak yang didapati melanggar aturan ditas tanpa kompensasi apapun


  • Note that all prices mentioned in the FAQ and the AFAID website are in Indonesian rupiah currency.
  • All overseas visitors may purchase their tickets through the ticketing agent’s website.
  • Ticket purchased via online will receive an E-Voucher to your registered email.
    Pembelian tiket secara online akan mendapatkan E-voucher melalui Email.
  • Print the e-voucher to redeem the wristband as entry access.
    Print e-voucher tersebut untuk ditukarkan dengan gelang sebagai akses masuk.
  • After redemption, please keep the wristband in your possession.
    Gelang yang sudah diterima pembeli harap dijaga baik-baik.
  • There will be no exchange from Organizer if the wristband is lost or damaged.
    Jika gelang hilang atau rusak tidak ada penggantian dari penyelenggara.
  • Please be careful when you tie the wristband, because the wristband will be locked in your first try. The tied wristband CANNOT be untied unless cut.
    Berhati-hati menggunakan gelang, karena sistem penguncian hanya 1 kali serut. Gelang yang sudah dipakai tidak dapat dilonggarkan lagi. Membuka gelang harus digunting.
  • All wristbands are to worn before entry into the exhibition area, stage area or concert area. Entry will be refused if wristbands are not worn before entry. Entry will also be refused if wristbands are worn loosely and can be slipped off easily.
  • For any queries pertaining to the purchase of I Love Anisong tickets through the ticketing agent, please call the ticketing agent Hotline at +6221-2128 2126 or email [email protected] for assistance. Should you still encounter issues, please contact us at [email protected].


19 AUG saturday

12:30PM 佐香 智久 Tomohisa Sako
02:00PM 鈴木 このみ Konomi Suzuki
03:20PM fhána
05:00PM May’n

20 AUG sunday

01:15pm 西沢 幸奏 Shiena Nishizawa
02:00PM kradness
04:00PM 春奈 るな Luna Haruna


  • Autograph ballot application is only for those who have VIP tickets to C3AFA Jakarta 2017 I Love Anisong concert on 19 Aug 2017 and/or 20 Aug 2017.
    Undian ini hanya ditujukan untuk para pemegang tiket konser VIP konser I Love Anisong di tanggal 19 dan/atau 20 Agustus 2017.
  • Applications begin on 28 Jul 2017,12pm and end on 15 Aug 2017, 11.59pm.
    Pendaftaran undian dimulai tanggal 25 Juli 2017 dan berakhir tanggal 15 Agustus 2017, 11.59pm.
  • The cut-off time for purchases is 15 Aug 2017, 12pm. Tickets purchased after this cut-off time will not qualify for this application.
    Batas waktu pembelian tiket yang berhak berpartisipasi dalam undian ini adalah 15 Agustus 2017. Tiket yang dibeli setelah waktu tersebut tidak bisa mengikuti undian tanda tangan

  • Each application is for each individual ticket. Please make separate applications if you have bought more than one ticket or are applying on behalf of others. Do not submit multiple entries for a single ticket. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
    Satu tiket berhak untuk 1 pendaftaran. Tolong buat pendaftaran lain jika anda membeli lebih dari 1 tiket atau membelikan tiket orang lain. Jangan mendaftar lebih dari satu kali untuk 1 tiket. Pendaftaran berulang akan didiskualifikasi.
  • The original purchaser NEED NOT make the application. Only the ticket holder needs to make the application. Please ensure that you are only making one application if you asked someone to buy the ticket for you.
    TIDAK PERLU pembeli tiket yang membuat pendaftaran. Hanya pemegang tiket yang perlu mendaftar. Tolong pastikan anda hanya mendaftar sekali jika anda meminta orang lain untuk membelikan tiket anda.
  • Each ticket will get one coupon code for use during registration. The coupon code can only be used once. Once it has been used, it cannot be used again.
    Tiap tiket akan mendapatkan satu kode kupon yang bisa dipakai untuk pendaftaran. Kode kupon hanya bisa dipakai sekali. Setelah terpakai, kode tersebut tak bisa digunakan kembali.
  • The coupon code will be sent to you one or two days after purchase.
    Kode kupon akan dikirimkan kepada anda satu atau dua hari setelah pembelian tiket.
  • If you have bought a two day ticket package, you will only get one coupon code that can be used for both days.
    Jika anda membeli paket tiket 2 hari, anda akan mendapat 1 kode kupon yang bisa dipakai untuk 2 hari tersebut
  • All details asked for in the application form will only be used for onsite verification purposes to ensure that the correct person gets the autograph. All personal information collected will be kept with the strictest confidence and will be deleted after the event.
    Semua detil yang diperlukan di formulir pendaftaran hanya akan digunakan untuk verifikasi di tempat untuk menjamin pendaftar yang sah yang mendapat tanda tangan. Semua informasi pribadi yang kami terima akan kami rahasiakan dengan ketat dan akan dihapus setelah event selesai.

  • You can only ballot for the artistes performing on the same day that your ticket is for.
    Anda hanya bisa mendaftar undian untuk artis yang tampil di hari tiket yang anda beli.
  • Submission of the form does not guarantee your success in getting an autograph. If unsuccessful for the artiste of your choice, you may be allocated another artiste.
    Pengisian dan pengiriman formulir ini belum menjamin keberhasilan anda mendapat tanda tangan. Jika anda gagal mendapatkan kesempatan tanda tangan dari artis pilihan anda, anda bisa kami arahkan untuk mendapat tanda tangan artis lainnya.
  • Winners are chosen on a random basis, not a first come first served basis.
    Pemenang ditentukan secara acak, bukan dari siapa yang pertama mendaftar.
  • Each artiste is limited to one hundred (100) autographs. The autographs will be done on posters provided by the organisers. Autographs on personal items are
    not allowed.

    Tiap artis dibatasi hanya akan memberikan 100 tanda tangan. Tanda tangan akan diberikan di atas poster yang disediakan oleh organizer. Tanda tangan di barang pribadi tidak diperbolehkan.
  • Not all artiste may be present to hand over the autograph poster due to unforeseen circumstances.
    Tidak semua artis akan hadir untuk memberikan tanda tangan secara langsung karena satu dan lain hal.
  • You will get the results of the successful winning ballot via e-mail only, on/after the 17 Aug 2017. Results will not be published to protect the privacy of the applicants. Unsuccessful applicants will not receive any notification.
    Anda akan menerima pengumuman pemenang undian via email, di tanggal atay setelah tanggal 17 Agustus 2017. Hasil undian tidak akan dipublikasikan kepada umum untuk menjaga privasi pendaftar. Pendaftar yang kurang beruntung tidak akan mendapat pengumuman.

  • You will be asked to present the e-mail informing you of your successful ballot during the session for verification.
    Anda akan dimminta untuk menunjukkan email yang menginformasikan anda memenangkan undian di tempat tanda tangan di dalam event untuk keperluan verifikasi.
  • If you are not able to attend the session, you can have another collect on your behalf. The person will need to present the e-mail informing you of your
    successful ballot during the session.

    Jika anda tidak dapat hadir untuk sesi tanda tangan, anda bisa diwakilkan oleh orang lain. Perwakilan tersebut harus menunjukan email pengumuman pemenang undian.

  • Please ensure that all information is correct before submission. We will not be able to edit any entered information once submitted, especially artiste selection.
    Mohon untuk memastikan bahwa semua informasi yang anda isi benar adanya. Kami tidak dapat merubah data yang telah masuk, terutama pilihan artis.
  • For any issues with submission, please contact [email protected]
    Untuk permasalahan mengenai proses pendaftaran, silakan menghubungi [email protected]


19 AUG saturday

01:15PM Enako
02:40PM CLEANERO, Eve, 夏代孝明 Takaaki Natsushiro
05:45PM Clarissa Punipun, DD-Tenka, M.G., Naru, Ying Tze

20 AUG sunday

12:30pm Enako
03:20PM 小野 早稀 Saki Ono
05:30PM Clarissa Punipun, DD-Tenka, M.G., Naru, Ying Tze

Great news for C3 AFA Jakarta! If you purchase a Exhibition + Stage ticket, GA ticket or VIP ticket, you will get a chance to participate in a special meet & greet session (high-touch and pre-signed poster with:
• Cosplayer: Enako
• Cosplayers: Ying Tze, Clarissa Punipun, DD Tenka, M.G and Naru
• Utaities: CLEANERO, Eve and Takaaki Natsuhiro
• Voice actress: Saki Ono (no high-touch session or autograph)


  1. Find our special balloting booth located in the Exhibition hall!
  2. Present your E+S/VIP/GA ticket to our staff. Each E+S/VIP/GA ticket entitles to you ONE ballot chance!
  3. Spin our Lucky wheel to see if you gotten the meet & greet ticket!
  4. Come to the meet & greet session!


  • Only ticket holders for I Love Anisong VIP, I Love Anisong GA, and Exhibition + Stage are eligible for this balloting.
  • You can only ballot for the same day for the wristband that you present.
  • You must present the wristband to do the ballot and allow us to mark it. If we cannot mark, we will not allow you to do the ballot.
  • You can do the ballot on behalf of others but the wristband needs to be presented
  • You can do the ballot in advance.
  • You only get one spin per wristband.


General Questions

When will I Love Anisong tickets go on sale? Kapan tiket I Love Anisong akan mulai dijual?

AFA World member pre-sales for Early Bird ticket packages will begin on May 22, 10am and end May 23, 11.59pm.
Early Bird ticket packages for the public will begin on May 24,10am.
Sales for the rest of the tickets will updated at a later time.

Pre-sale Early Bird untuk member AFA World akan dimulai tanggal 22 Mei jam 10 Pagi dan berakhir tanggal 23 Mei, 11.59 siang.
Early Bird untuk publik umum akan mulai dijual tanggal 24 Mei, jam 10 pagi.
Penjualan tipe tiket lain akan diumumkan kemudian.

What are the ticketing charges for the tickets? Berapa dan apa saja biaya tambahan pembelian tiket?

Credit Card
• Convenient fee will be charged 3% of the ticket price + Rp 5.000.
• Convenient fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the event

ATM Transfer (All banks ATM Bersama and PRIMA)
• Convenient fee will be charged Rp. 5,000. Convenient fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the event

– Convenient Fee akan ditarik 3% dari harga tiket + Rp. 5000
– Convenient Fee tidak akan dikembalikan jika ada pembatalan event.

TRANSFER ATM (Semua ATM Bersama dan PRIMA)
– Convenient Fee ditarik Rp. 5000 dan tidak akan dikembalikan jika ada pembatalan event.

How will seats be assigned for VIP Packages and tickets? Bagaimana tata cara pembagian nomor kursi tiket VIP?

Your seat number will be automatically generated by our ticketing system based on your purchasing date and time. The faster you purchased, you will get the best seat.

Seat numbers would only be made known upon wristband collection at the venue.

Nomor kursi anda akan ditentukan secara otomatis oleh sistem kami berdasarkan waktu dan tanggal pembelian tiket anda. Semakin cepat anda membeli, semakin bagus posisi kursi anda.

Nomor kursi baru akan diberitahu saat penukaran gelang tiket di venue acara.

What sort of ticketing plan is being used for I Love Anisong concerts? Bagaimana pembagian tempat tiket untuk konser I Love Anisong?

“I Love Anisong” concert VIP tickets are based on reserved seating. General Admission tickets are first-come-first serve and are free-standing.

Tiket VIP konser I Love Anisong akan ditentukan berdasarkan penentuan nomor kursi tiket. Sedangkan penentuan tempat di GA tiket memakai sistem yang datang lebih awal akan mendapat tempat paling depan.

Can I get a refund or exchange my tickets? Bagaimana caranya untuk refund tiket saya?

Please note that no refunds will be entertained under any circumstances. Once the transaction has been paid for and your e-tickets are e-mailed to you, no refunds, no cancellations or exchanges will be entertained. Please ensure that the number of tickets you wish to purchase is correct before finalizing the transaction.

Tickets are not transferable and may not be resold, nor redistributed or used for any commercial or marketing event, activity, promotion or purpose, without the prior written consent of SOZO and the ticketing agent. All rights reserved to cancel any Tickets that have been transferred or resold or redistributed or otherwise used without the prior written consent of SOZO, and to deny any such Ticket Holder entry.

Tolong catat bahwa tak ada permintaan refund yang akan dilayani. Setelah transaksi terbayar dan e-ticket anda telah di email kepada anda, tak ada refund, cancel, atau penukaran akan dilayani. Tolong pastikan bahwa jumlah tiket yang akan anda beli itu benar sebelum mengakhiri transaksi.

Tiket tidak dapat dipindahtangankan dan tidak bisa dijual kembali, juga tidak bisa disebar atau digunakan untuk kegiatan, acara, promosi komersil atau marketing lain tanpa persetujuan tertulis dari pihak SOZO dan agen tiketing. SOZO berhak untuk membatalkan tiket yang telah dipindah tangankan atau disebar tanpa persetujuan tertulis dari SOZO sebelumnya.

Pre-event Questions

How can I buy I Love Anisong concert tickets before the event? Bagaimana caranya untuk membeli tiket "I Love Anisong" sebelum event?

You can buy the tickets at afaid.loket.com.

Anda bisa membeli tiketnya di afaid.loket.com.

How can I pay for my tickets to I Love Anisong? Bagaimana cara membayar tiket I Love Anisong?

ATM Transfer (Atm Bersama/Prima) and credit and debit cards (Visa/Mastercard) will be accepted as payment.

Transfer ATM (ATM Bersama/PRIMA) dan kartu kredit/debit (VISA/Mastercard) diterima untuk pembayaran.

Is there any other way to purchase tickets other than through the website or via other payment methods like cash? Apakah ada cara lain untuk membeli tiket selain via website seperti uang tunai?

Ticket sales at physical outlets will be available at a later date.

Penjualan tiket di gerai tiket akan diumumkan di kemudian hari.

I'm a foreigner, how can I purchase the concert tickets? Saya dari luar negeri, bagaimana cara membeli tiket konser?

Tickets may be paid through credit card during your purchase online. You may collect your ticket at the designated ticketing counter at the venue on the event days. You can also purchase your ticket at the venue but is subject to availability.

Tiket bisa dibeli dengan kartu kredit via pembelian online. Anda bisa mengambil tiketnya di gerai tiket yang telah ditentukan di hari event. Anda juga bisa membeli tiket langsung di hari eventnya selama persediaan masih ada.

How can I collect my I Love Anisong Concert ticket(s) if I purchased them online? Bagaimana cara mengambil tiket konser I Love Anisong jika saya membelinya via online?

Tickets can be redeemed at the LOKET office and venue few days before the event. Opening times and location of the designated ticketing counters will be updated at a later time. Please note that you must print the e-Voucher and present your original Identity Card (photocopies will NOT be accepted). The name on the voucher MUST match the Identity Card. Vouchers with a different name from the Identity Card will not be accepted.

Tiket bisa ditukar di kantor LOKET dan di venue acara beberapa hari sebelum event. Waktu buka dan lokasi penukaran akan kami kabari di kemudian hari. Tolong dicatat bahwa anda harus membawa hasil print dari e-Voucher dan memperlihatkan KTP asli anda (Fotokopi tidak diterima). Nama di voucher harus sama dengan KTP. Voucher dengan nama yang berbeda tidak akan diterima.

What if I have lost my e-ticket(s) or suspect that my e-mail has been compromised? Bagaimana jika e-ticket saya hilang atau email saya dibajak?

You can login to member.loket.com and resend again the e-ticket or send email to [email protected].

Anda bisa login ke member.loket.com dan meminta agar dikirimkan lagi e-ticketnya atau kirimkan email ke [email protected].

What is the period of time in which I must complete the transaction? Berapa lama waktu yang diberikan untuk menyelesaikan transaksi?

Must make payment within 3 hours. Your reservation will auto expire in 3 hours. We only accept payments via ATM Transfer (NOT THROUGH MOBILE BANKING, INTERNET BANKING, DEPOSIT). As for Credit Card, you must complete the payment within 15 minutes.

Anda diberi waktu 3 jam untuk melakukan pembayaran. Reservasi anda akan hangus dalam waktu 3 jam. Kami hanya menerima pembayaran via transfer ATM (TIDAK LEWAT MOBILE BANKING, INTERNET BANKING, DEPOSIT) dan untuk kartu kredit, anda harus menyelesaikan pembayaran dalam 15 menit.

Do I have to register an account on loket to purchase the tickets? Apakah saya harus membuat akun di loket.com untuk membeli tiket?

An account will need to be made to purchase the tickets.

Anda harus membuat akun agar bisa membeli tiketnya.

Is there any deadline in purchasing "I Love Anisong" concert ticket(s) before the event? Apakah ada deadline untuk membeli tiket konser I Love Anisong sebelum event?

Online ticket sales will be cut off on a date to be determined at a later time. Ticket sales will be resumed on site, subject to availability.

Penjualan tiket online akan dihentikan di tanggal yang akan diumumkan kemudian. Penjualan akan dimulai lagi di venue acara selama persediaan masih ada.

I have booked I Love Anisong concert ticket(s) outside of the country, can I collect my tickets during the event day at the event venue? Saya telah membeli tiket konser I Love Anisong dari luar negeri, apakah saya bisa menuker tiketnya di hari event di venue?

Yes, collection is available at the venue.

Ya, penukaran tersedia di venue.

Event Questions

Where will the collection point for Exhibition+Stage wristband and light stick at the venue be and what are the opening hours? Dimana tempat penukaran gelang Exhibition+Stage dan lightstick di venue dan jam berapa akan dibuka?

15 & 16 August:
at Loket Outlet Kota Kasablanka, 1st floor (in front of Lois store)
Open: 10 am to 7 pm

17 August:
at JIEXPO Ticket Box
Open: 12 pm to 7 pm

18-20 August:
at JIEXPO Ticket Box
Open: 8 am to 7 pm

15 & 16 Agustus:
Di Loket Outlet Kota Kasablanka, Lantai 1 (di depan toko Lois)
Jam Buka: 10 am sampai 7 pm

17 Agustus:
di JIEXPO Ticket Box
Jam Buka: 12 pm sampai 7 pm

18-20 Agustus:
di JIEXPO Ticket Box
Jam Buka: 8 am sampai 7 pm

Do I need to show anything to redeem the Exhibition+Stage wristband and lightstick? Apakah saya harus menunjukkan sesuatu untuk dapat menukar gelang Exhibition+Stage dan lightstick?

You must print the e-Voucher and present your original Identity Card (photocopies will NOT be accepted). The name on the voucher MUST match the Identity Card. Vouchers with a different name from the Identity Card will not be accepted.

Anda harus mencetak e-Voucher dan menunjukkan KTP asli (fotokopi tidak akan diterima). Nama di voucher harus sama dengan KTP. Voucher dengan nama yang berbeda dengan yang di KTP tidak akan diterima.

Will there be any on-site ticket sales for "I Love Anisong" ticket(s) on the day itself?

Will there be any on-site ticket sales for “I Love Anisong” ticket(s) on the day itself? Apakah akan ada penjualan tiket on-site untuk “I Love Anisong” di hari event nanti?

Tickets will be sold on-site.

Tiket akan dijual di tempat acara

What payment method can I choose for on-site ticket purchase? Metode pembayaran apa yang bisa dipakai untuk pembelian tiket on the spot?

Cash, Debit card and Credit Card.

Tunai, Kartu Debit dan Kredit.

How do I enter the concerts with my tickets? Bagaimana caranya masuk konser dengan tiket saya?

Need to show and tap the wristband.

Anda hanya perlu mengantri dan me-scan gelang anda.

In which hall(s) will the concert be held? Di hall mana konsernya akan digelar?

The concert will be held in Hall C3.

Konser akan digelar di hall C3.

What time will the concerts start? Jam berapa konser akan dimulai?

For 19 and 20 Aug, doors will open at 6.15pm and the concert starts at 7pm.

Tanggal 19 dan 20 Agustus, pintu akan dibuka jam 6.15 dan konser dimulai jam 7 malam

Am I allowed to take pictures or record videos during the concert? Apakah saya boleh mengambil foto atau merekam video saat konser?

All recording devices, inclusive of sound and visuals, are strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to remove those caught doing so from the hall without refund.

Semua alat rekaman, termasuk suara dan visual dilarang keras. Kami berhak untuk membatalkan tiket pihak yang tertangkap melakukan hal tersebut tanpa pengembalian uang.

Can I move from my seat during the concert? Bolehkan saya beranjak dari kursi saya saat konser?

As a general rule, you may stand at where your seat is. However, leaving your seat to stand at another location, e.g. an empty seat, the aisle, etc, is not allowed at anytime during the concert. Persons who are found leaving their seats and standing at another location will be asked to return to their seats.

Repeat offenders will be removed from the concert.

Secara umum, anda dibolehkan berdiri dari kursi anda. Namun meninggalkan kursi anda untuk pergi ke tempat lain seperti kursi lain yang kosong, lorong, dan lain-lain tidak diperbolehkan saat konser. Pihak yang ditemukan berdiri ditempat lain akan diminta untuk kembali ke kursi masing-masing.

Pelanggar berturut-turut akan dikeluarkan dari konser.

Can I Love Anisong Concert tickets help me gain entry to the exhibition and/or stage? Bisakah tiket konser I Love Anisong memasukkan saya ke eksibisi dan/atau stage?

Only purchasing the VIP and Standard I Love Anisong tickets entitles you to Exhibition+Stage Access ticket(s). These tickets come in the form of a wristband and are to be worn at all times. Entitlements depend on the type of ticket(s) purchased. These tickets can only be redeemed at the venue.

Tiket VIP dan Standard (GA) konser I Love Anisong memberi anda akses menuju area eksibisi dan stage. Tiket ini berupa gelang dan harap dipakai sepanjang event. Hak akses tergantung tipe tiket yang anda beli. Tiket ini bisa diambil di venue acara.

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