Byoru is a popular cosplayer from Vietnam who has garnered many fans all over the world, mostly for her original cosplay adaptations of popular female characters from anime and games.


Clarissa Punipun is a cosplayer, musician, and content creator from Indonesia who has been cosplaying since 2006.

Clarissa Punipun has a total of around 1.85 million followers across her social media, has been invited as a Guest Cosplayer to more than 100 national and international events, and she has been named as the Brand Ambassador for both national and international brands (Asus ROG Indonesia & Dunia Games).

She often produces intricate and elaborate cosplays of characters from her favorite anime, manga, video game, and other media, as well as tips and tutorials to help other cosplayers improve their works.

Thames Malerose

Thames is a cosplayer from Thailand who has an experience in cosplaying since 2006. He has been invited as a guest and judge for many events in Asia. He is a talented cosplayer who has won the 3rd place at World Cosplay Summit 2022, Nagoya, Japan with his partner Jasper Z.

His impressive cosplays makes him one of the most popular cosplayers in Thailand and abroad. Thames has been regularly engaged to endorse products and games as a cosplayer model.

He is a successful streamer in his Facebook page and a gifted musician as the Bassist of the Malerose Band.