LAM is an illustrator from Japan whose cool and catchy style has become immensely popular. LAM works extensively on character design, visual works, and book illustrations.

LAM’s representative works include the arcade rhythm game "WACCA", the TV animation and mobile game series "takt op.", and is the character designer of hololive Indonesia member Kureiji Ollie.

LAM illustrated the official key visual for this year's Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2024, and previously for Anime Festival Asia Online in 2020.

Kureiji Ollie from hololive Indonesia


A zombie high school girl risen from her grave. She headed home, relying on memories retained from when she was still alive. Upon arriving, she discovered it had turned into a ramen shop! And so, in order to reclaim her house, she decided to become a VTuber.

Ollie has a very big tendency to scream. Always lower your volumes during her streams.

Takeru Hokazono

Kagurabachi Author

Online Appearance

Takuro Imamura

Kagurabachi Editor

Online Appearance

Yuta Momiyama

Deputy Editor-In-Chief
Shonen Jump+/MANGA Plus by Shueisha

Takada Yuuki

Takada Yuuki is a famous Japanese voice actress whose representative works include “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” as Elma, “New Game” as Aoba Suzukaze as well as Armed Girl’s Machiavellism as Rin Onigawara.

In the “Sengoku Youko” TV series, she plays Tama, a 200 year-old demon fox, who is one of the most important characters.

This is her first time attending AFA Indonesia to join a panel discussion.

Iori Moe

Welcome idol, cosplayer, and radio personality Iori Moe!

Iori has a total of 4.55 million followers on social media, has appeared on the cover of more than 130 Japanese magazines, and is highly popular as a video game streamer. She has worked on many popular titles such as Higashi Ribe, Re:Zero, Kisekoi, Arknights, and more!

Kentaro Kumagai

Kentaro Kumagai is a Japanese voice actor who plays the role of the main character, Laios, in the TV anime "Delicious in Dungeon".

His other notable works include the roles of Makoto in "Ikebukuro West Gate Park", Theo Cornaro in "Record of Grancrest War”, Takuya Ohara in "365 Days to the Wedding” and many other titles.

Sayaka Sembongi

Sayaka Sembongi is a Japanese voice actress who plays the role of Marcille in the anime "Delicious in Dungeon".

Other notable roles include Shuna in "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" and Hal in "BEASTARS”.

T.M.Revolution/Takanori Nishikawa

Born on September 19, 1970. From Shiga Prefecture. He debuted in May 1996 as “T.M.Revolution,” which is his solo project, with the single “Dokusai -monopolize-“. His catchy songs, stage fascinating all audiences, the astounding live performance made him a star, and he made a smash hit in a row such as “HIGH PRESSURE,” “HOT LIMIT,” “WHITE BREATH,” “INVOKE.”

He has started another music career with his own name “Takanori Nishikawa” since 2018. In 2021, T.M.Revolution celebrated their 25th anniversary since the debut, and in 2022, he has been actively performing live, successfully completing a tour of all 47 prefectures in Japan. In addition, he continues to take on various challenges such as acting, voice acting, and hosting TV shows.

He has been appointed as the first “Shiga Furusato Tourism Ambassador” and hosting his rock festival “Inazuma Rock Fes” every year at Shiga prefecture sponsored by the local government. He was awarded “Shiga bunka koro sho (the Award for Cultural Distinguished Service by Shiga Prefecture)” in 2020.