Hosted by: Loo Le En / Golden-feline(Goofy)

Fueled by her passion for Japanese culture and anime, Le En enjoys spreading her enthusiasm via her YouTube Channel. Outside working hours, this silly individual also dabbles in cosplay, gaming as well as drawing for her doujin booth at “DatWorks”. She hopes to bring fun and laughter to local conventions, in which she believes is like a family gathering of people with similar hobbies and mindsets!

Other information: 

If she seems familiar to you, it’s probably because of “Shit Cosplayers Say” on Youtube back in 2012. After starting her own YT channel this year, she has gained a small following since. As of now, she looks forward to creating more video content on her channel to entertain her fans.

YouTube channel : Goofy feline
FB: https://www.facebook.com/goofyfeline
Instagram @ goofy_feline
Doujin Artpage: fb/DatWorks

Hosted by: Miko

Miko is a former actor from 学生劇団En塾, a group of universities students that perform musical theater using japanese language based in Indonesia. Besides acting, he also performed several Japanese traditional dances such as Okinawa’s Taiko and Yosakoi during his time in university.

After more than 2 years working for JKT48, currently he’s working as a freelance japanese interpreter while working on his own new project with his partners.



Profile: Lucus Fam from Holy Innocents’ High School, also known as PianoMinion in Youtube( Total more than 380K view). He was introduced to the piano via a 50 key digital keyboard at 11 years old, given to him by his cousin in April 2013.

He got very interested in Anime Piano Music , he spend a lot of time figuring out different piano technique, attended many Piano Master classes conducted by piano professors here from various oversea conservatories, so that he can play out the anime piano music to his best knowledge. He also practiced some of the Anime Piano arrange in Classical style by renowned German Anime Pianist.

He had performed “FUSION PIANO MUSIC”, modern Anime music transcript into piano cover using different classical piano technique for various concerts for anime music eg.  festival,Japan Pop culture, charity, school etc…

This Year he is endorsed as Roland Artist and had recorded a few Anime piano cover for Roland Piano.



Stage Time

Friday – 11:30AM
Sunday – 09:00AM



In the beginning of spring 2016, Stand-Up! Hearts to finally make major debut.

They started performing as idol trainees of Stand-Up! Project in 2014.

To be the idol team who deliver love and courage to everyone, they have been practicing both singing and dancing for their live performances and events.

Although performing as an indie idol group, they were on “France Japan EXPO” in July 2015, known as their first stage in overseas.

In September, their major debut in 2016 was announced and now they are getting ready for it!

May our “HEART” reach you all.

Stage Time

Friday – 4:00PM
Saturday – 4:30PM
Sunday – 1:30PM


Force of Will presents EVERLAST Special Live

Profile: Everlast is an indies pop unit from Japan, composed of Yukari Wakana on vocal and Nobuhiko Otsuru on producing. Everlast released their 1st EP ‘Song for you’ in the winter of 2008. It received more than 1000 downloads on iTunes and other online stores, and streamed over 18,000 on Napster and other streaming services around the world, although they were completely unknown at that time.

In February 2012, they released the1st mini album ‘Timeless Journey’. Everlast produced 2 music videos for the lead tracks of the album, and uploaded on their YouTube channel. And they made also their Facebook page.
Now, the videos have got over 342k views and their FB page has been supported by 251k “likes”. Their fans are expanding all over the world, and increasing through the social media.

Yukari Wakana on Vocal

Yukari loves to sing since childhood. She has been singing again and again everyday and has established her singing style of her own.
Yukari has beautiful and impressive voice. Her voice reminds listeners of clear cristal sky or deep blue ocean.
Contrary to her colorful voice, Wakana stays simple and straight forward. She has a talent to entertain people by her natural talking.

Nobuhiko Otsuru on Producing, Piano, Guitar, Programming

Nobuhiko makes all music and lyrics of Everlast. He has been playing piano and making poems from an early age. And Nobuhiko met pop music and guitars when he was a teenager. Naturally, he started songwriting.
Nobuhiko started his career as songwriter and vocalist for bands, he met Yukari and formed Everlast.
His melody is very pop but has a little melancholic mood. And he is trying to integrate pop music with literary lyrics. Everlast songs become colorful and unique through his arrangement combining the essences of various genres of music.


Stage Time

Friday – 12:50PM

Saturday – 2:30PM

Sunday – 10:20AM

Mini-Stage: Takamasa Sakurai‘s Japan Idol Frontline Review!
~Why Japnanese idols are being  popular in the world?

The sudden rise of popularity for Japanese idol in the world, Takamasa Sakurai whom already met with idol group’s fans from all around the world will explain the reason why and how idol’s been loved by their fans through movies and photos.

There will also be video letter and movie screening from a famous idol group.
A must see for Japanese idol fans coming to AFA! Japanese idol fans, let’s gather!

Stage Time

Saturday – 9:30AM



Nijicon (Niji no Conquistador) Profile:

A lot of modern idols have ties with school festivals! Nijicon (Niji no Conquistador) is special and mixes in creative stuff!
There are currently 10 members and they have participated in creations such as voice acting, illustrating, cosplays and choreographers.
pixiv’s project on producing stars, Tsukudol!, focuses on mixing idols with creators.


Stage Time

Friday – 12:15PM
Saturday – 11:00AM
Sunday – 11:00AM


Special Guest on the mini-stage: