Special Guest: Takamatsu Sakurai


Producer, Specially appointed professor of Hollywood Digital University, and Secretary General of International Otaku Expo Association.

He is currently on a mission of cultural diplomacy travelling through 27 countries and 150 cities around the world. He served various conference committee such as ministry of foreign affairs. And in 2009, He was entrusted by the ministry of foreign affair as kawaii ambassador.

Conducting cultural diplomacy through Japanese pop culture such as anime, fashion, music, etc. He is often invited by various countries as the guest for Japan related event around the world.

He also contributes to Newspaper, series of web magazine and others, He is also a radio personality, and a TV commentator.

Mini-Stage: Takamasa Sakurai‘s Japan Idol Frontline Review!
~Why Japnanese idols are being  popular in the world?

The sudden rise of popularity for Japanese idol in the world, Takamasa Sakurai whom already met with idol group’s fans from all around the world will explain the reason why and how idol’s been loved by their fans through movies and photos.

There will also be video letter and movie screening from a famous idol group.
A must see for Japanese idol fans coming to AFA! Japanese idol fans, let’s gather!