Special Guest: Show Hayami


Show Hayami hails from Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. The veteran voice actor has been in the industry for over 30 years, voicing some of the most memorable characters in anime with his renowned deep voice.

Some of the characters that he has voiced include:

  • Maximilian Jenius – The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
  • Sairen no Hebi – Shakugan no Shana
  • Tokiomi Tohsaka – Fate/zero
  • Akechi Mitsuhide – Sengoku Basara
  • Sousuke Aizen – Bleach

Aside from anime, he has also dubbing credits for various US TV series and regularly participates anime-related events, and writes for his self-produced “S.S.D.S.” series. He is also an established singer, with 9 album releases to his name.

Day stage appearance:
AFA Signapore 2015 is honoured to have voice actor, Show Hayami appear on stage to talk about his involvement in Is the Order a Rabbit??.


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