Highlighting exceptional artistic talents at our brand new Creators Lab stage! Learn from the regional sphere’s top talents through a series of workshops and hands-on demonstrations on everything from digital art to cosplay crafting!

Saturday 27 July

Space is limited; please register for a free ticket for the sessions listed below. Session ticket holders will be allowed priority entrances before admission for the general public.

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Ask A Manager: Being a Professional (Agency) VTuber

by ASTRALINE (Merryweather Media), Virtual Talent Agency
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12:00PM · ART
Character Design in the Industry

by Dishwasher1910, Illustrator
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Between Singapore & Tokyo: A Brand Identity Journal

by SADSHRIMPS, Illustrator
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Elevate Your Outdoor Cosplay Photography

by Prestonles, Photographer featuring Byoru, Cosplayer
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3:00PM · ART
Working as an Animator on AAA games

by Joel Ho, Animator
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4:00PM · GAME
TEVI: Crafting a Cross-Cultural Anime Game World

by Ein Lee, Game Designer
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5:00PM · HOBBY
How to Fix Your Figures

by ShanaXV, Figure Collector
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Sunday 28 July

Space is limited; please register for a free ticket for the sessions listed below. Session ticket holders will be allowed priority entrances before admission for the general public.

An AFA CSF Singapore 2024 admission ticket for Sunday 28 July 2024 is required to access the sessions below. Admission tickets are available here.

11:00AM · ART
Passion for Fandom: From Fan to Fan Artist

by jazh.mine, Illustrator
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3D Printing and Cosplay

by Blingycos, Cosplayer
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1:00PM · ART
Finding Your Own Art Style

by SAS☆HIMI, Illustration Circle
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2:00PM · HOBBY

by AUSG, Illustration Circle
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4:00PM · HOBBY
Designer Toys Culture in Taiwan

by Tokusatsu Union
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5:00PM · MUSIC
Find Your Stage, Busking as a Serious Hobby

by Sheng Li, Karyn & Yeegn Lougn
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6:00PM · ART
Uniting Through Street Art & Anime

by DPLMT, Illustrator Circle
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Ask A Manager: Being a Professional (Agency) VTuber

by ASTRALINE (Merryweather Media)


(Merryweather Media)

DATE: Saturday 27 July

Looking to supercharge your VTubing content?
Considering going pro with an agency (or hiring a manager)?
Dreaming of being the next YAGOO or A-chan?

Join Carillus (Regional Director) and Cazz/RAINA (Studio Manager) at Merryweather Media, the parent company of ASTRALINE, as they talk about their experiences with bootstrapping and running an international virtual talent agency based in Singapore – while still managing to juggle their existing responsibilities at Merryweather Media.

Q&A will be available at the end of this session.
Expect some extensive insight into the truths of being a professional VTuber/talent manager – if you’re serious about that, or even content creation in general, you won’t want to miss this!

Old Magic. New Frontiers.

Launched in September 2023, ASTRALINE is a virtual talent agency produced and supported by Merryweather Media, and is dual-headquartered in Singapore and Tokyo. With 5 members across 3 different continents, ASTRALINE is the first known virtual talent agency owned and operated by an art studio – with a focus on storytelling, art and friendship.

In myths and legends, astral projection and leylines were used in much the same way that our “internet” is used now. Each member of ASTRALINE, in one way or another, is empowered by old magic – which lets them tell their stories and perform their art to the audience of the material world everywhere.

Once a civil engineer from sunny Singapore, Carillus is known for his extensive work behind-the-scenes as the “Disappointed Dad” Art & Merchandising Director at Merryweather Media.

As part of his expanded role at Merryweather Media, Carillus oversees merchandising for ASTRALINE’s talents, along with the agency’s financial strategy. He was also chief project planner and programmer for the ASTRALINE lore VN series.

Outside of ASTRALINE, his extensive experience in the corporate VTubing industry includes writing, directing and drawing for various VTuber lore projects, notably VShojo’s KSON (for her reveal at Anime Expo 2022) and hololive’s Mori Calliope. He is also a proficient comic writer and artist, previously known for several series on WEBTOON including ExCo (creator) and the award-winning Grandma’s Cake Recipe (co-creator).

Cazz – or “CAZZANDRAAA!”, as she is known within the Merryweather Media community – is the studio and project manager at Merryweather Media, who does VTuber-facing work and content as the virtual personality RAINA.

As part of her expanded role at Merryweather Media, she oversees the production of creative projects by Merryweather Media staff that are spearheaded by ASTRALINE talents, as well as supporting ASTRALINE’s talent management with planning and logistics.

Outside of ASTRALINE, her production credits as RAINA include producing and writing various VShojo social media comics, as well as producing and assisting with art direction on lore videos for hololive (Mori Calliope, Pavolia Reine, Hakos Baelz), VShojo (from 2021 to 2023) and Nijisanji (Kyo Kaneko, Doppio Dropscythe). She also provides occasional voice acting and VA direction for various VTubers, most recently with Shylily’s lore in 2024.




DATE: Sunday 28 July

Making merch can be stressful, especially for first-time creators. We’ve been there too! AUSG is here to share the ups and downs of merch production and tips to guide you!


AUSG was started by a group of artists turned friends who have boothed in Artist Alleys over the years. Having experienced the highs and lows of merchandise creation themselves, AUSG aims to provide creators with a hassle-free merchandise creation process. Together with our experienced local based printing partners, AUSG offers a wide range of merchandise services with a minimum order quantity as low as one piece, enabling creators of any level to embark on their merchandise-making endeavors with ease right here at home.

3D Printing and Cosplay



DATE: Sunday 28 July

Blingycos, a celebrated cosplayer known for her elaborate props and costumes, shares her knowledge on 3d printing technology and how it has helped her and other cosplayers to achieve the right look with amazing props. From informing aspiring crafters on how best to model assets to getting the right device for the print, Blingycos aims to educate the audience on the pros and cons of this fascinating new technological aid.

ABOUT Blingycos

I am Blingy, a cosplayer residing in Singapore and have been cosplaying for 3 years now. I strive to be better every time I cosplay. Be it makeup, prop crafting and/or posing for photos.

I am also one of the founders of Hammer3D Singapore. My partner, Tristan, is also known as TristanMKH on Instagram. Hammer3D, founded 2 years ago, is a design and printing service to fill the gap in good quality props in the cosplay scene. Props that bring out the very essence of your cosplay, props that inspire awe and get people into cosplay.

Designer Toys and Tokusatsu Culture in Taiwan


Creator Union of Tokusatsu

DATE: Sunday 28 July

The Creators Union of Tokusatsu from Taiwan shares their knowledge about creating their homegrown special effects project, 「火山怪獸大黑」(Volcanodon), how they promoted the series, and how the project has allowed creators and fellow enthusiasts in Taiwan to expand on this groundbreaking multi-media effort to create their very own line of novels, comics, designer toys and other products about Volcanodon.

ABOUT Creator Union of Tokusatsu

[特製隊 Creator Union of Tokusatsu] is a group of toys, film and arts creators from Taiwan who have banded together to make works about Japanese Kaiju (monster) and Tokusatsu (special effects) films and culture since 2017.

With the principles of [creating special effects works] and [promoting Tokusatsu culture], the group has since created several groundbreaking collaborative works such as「火山怪獸大黑」[and「料理獸王」.
As a multi-media effort, the group not only crafts original stories, but also creates other derivative works such as illustrations, novels, manga, toy figures and other creations from fellow Tokusatsu enthusiasts. They are also at the forefront of expanding their knowledge about special effects film production and creating works that will inspire other fans to greater heights.

Character Design for the Industry



DATE: Saturday 27 July

Digital artist and character designer Dishwasher1910 will talk about opportunities available for young people who are interested in character design for the industry. With experience working in global gaming companies, especially in the field of mobile gaming, he can share his knowledge with those interested in entering the field, speak about his collaborations with peers in cosplay, sculpting and arts, and also share tips and tricks for making art stand out in an increasingly competitive social media landscape.

ABOUT Dishwasher1910

Dishwasher1910 is a professional character designer who works closely on Azurlane and many more game titles. Best known for his sensual designs and collaborations with cosplayers and self-designed costumes, Dishwasher1910 continues to work on bringing unique characters to life.

This year’s Seika is re-imagined into a cool and cute energetic diva in Dishwasher1910’s unique style!

As a previously selected Creator at CSF SG 2023, he will be sharing his knowledge on character designing for the gaming industry.

Pre-order starts Saturday 22 June 2024 at AFASHOP ONLINE
Also available at AFASHOP booth during the event.

DPLMT: Uniting through Street Art and Anime



DATE: Sunday 28 July

DPLMT’s creative team speaks on the relation between anime, fanart and street culture, and how collaboration is an important motivator for mural artists and illustrators. DPLMT will also explore their collaboration with STB and Night Safari for Tsuburaya’s Ultraman to commemorate Singapore’s 50 years of bilateral ties with Japan


DPLMT is a collective of artists/graphic designers with the passion for mural art, street art, illustration and branding. Over the course of AFA Creators Super Fest, their artists will complete a mural in their unique style.

TEVI: Crafting a cross-cultural anime game world


Ein Lee

DATE: Saturday 27 July

Game creator and character designer Ein Lee shares her story about the genesis of TEVI, a video game published on Steam and other platforms. Discussing the roots of the creative process in Taiwan and the decisions behind the development process of the game as well as the all-star Japanese voice acting cast, Ein Lee hopes to inspire fellow aspiring creators to follow their dreams and make their passions a reality.

Game Designer Ein Lee (Taiwan): Character designer for hit web series RWBY, also creator of TEVI game developed in Taiwan. Ein Lee will discuss how the concept was brought to life in this cross-cultural anime game experience.

Passion for Fandom: From Fan to Fan Artist



DATE: Sunday 28 July

@jazh.mine will be sharing her journey as a fan and how it evolved into being a fan artist. Using her background in design thinking, @jazh.mine will focus on sharing idea generation methods so you can come up with concepts for fan art and merchandise.

ABOUT @jazh.mine

@jazh.mine is a designer, artist and educator based in Singapore. She seeks meaning or humour through combining and contrasting mundane motifs in her original and fan art. Wielding both traditional and digital mediums, her pieces are full of details, often with florals or numerous cats. Very many cats.

Working as an animator on AAA games

Presented by 3dsense Media School

Joel Ho

DATE: Saturday 27 July

Joel, an animator from Steamroller studios presently working on AAA titles such as Overwatch 2, shares his journey from graduation at 3Dsense Media School to his current position. Joel will share tips and pointers for aspiring animators looking to be a part of the beating heart of the games industry.


Meet Joel Ho, a graduate of 3dsense Media School’s 3D Animation & Visual Effects program, who has forged an impressive career collaborating with industry giants. From MYTONA to Steamroller Studios, Joel’s talents have left a lasting impression on projects like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) : Splintered Fate and Overwatch 2, where he contributed to emotive animations and Play Of The Game (POTG) intros. Additionally, Joel’s foray into esports saw him creating captivating Valorant cinematics for Team Liquid’s esports team, solidifying his influence in the dynamic world of esports and animation.

Elevate Your Outdoor Cosplay Photography with Prestonles ft. Byoru



DATE: Satuday 27 July

Step into the world of outdoor cosplay photography with an exclusive workshop led by professional photographer Prestonles. This dynamic session is your gateway to mastering the art of capturing stunning cosplay images in ever-changing outdoor settings.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Perfect gear selection: Discover the best cameras and lenses for outdoor shoots, ensuring you’re always prepared for any lighting condition.
  • Master Artificial Lighting: Learn to expertly use artificial lighting to fill in shadows and highlight intricate details, making your photos pop.
  • Optimize Camera Settings: Gain hands-on experience with camera settings tailored for outdoor environments, adapting seamlessly to fluctuating light.
  • Posing and direction: Watch and learn from real time demonstrations by renowned cosplayer Byoru and learn techniques to push your artistic vision

This workshop is more than just educational; it’s an engaging, interactive and immersive experience designed for photographers of all levels. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, you’ll leave with the confidence and techniques to capture breathtaking outdoor cosplay photos. Join us and transform your approach to cosplay photography with expert tips and techniques from Prestonles.

Don’t miss your chance to enhance your photography in the vibrant and challenging world of outdoor cosplay!

ABOUT Prestonles

Preston Les, also known as Prestonles, is a renowned photographer, art director, and digital content creator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the founder of Peoplegraphy, a studio known for producing high-quality visual content for a wide range of clients. Over the past decade, Preston has established himself as a leading figure in the photography industry, celebrated for his stunning portraits and innovative marketing strategies.

His work has been featured in numerous prestigious exhibitions and magazines, and he is highly regarded for his strong aesthetic sense, technical mastery, and creative vision. In addition to his photography, Preston is an experienced art director and digital content creator, contributing to large-scale projects and social media campaigns.

Preston also shares his expertise through teaching photography classes, helping aspiring photographers hone their skills.


AFACSF X Prestonles by Peoplegraphy
Photo Studio Session

This is your chance to experience an exclusive photoshoot with Creators Lab speaker and top professional photographer Prestonles!

Prices for 2 pax, 15 mins per session.

Early Bird Price at SGD$79
From now til 26 July 2024
Walk-in Price at SGD$108

Between Singapore and Tokyo: An Artist's Journey



DATE: Saturday 27 July

Illustrator and apparel designer SADSHRIMPS traces the journey on how the brand identity was formed through a light-hearted and introspective discussion. From Singapore to Japan, SADSHRIMPS shares tips and tricks on lifestyle brand building, self-discovery and finding passion in the creative arts.


Natasha is a full-time illustrator and creative based in Singapore and Tokyo. Her time is spent curating her brand SADSHRIMPS – a cute and silly lifestyle brand filled with lovingly illustrated designs. Specially made pieces ranging from stationery to apparel and art for all your home decor needs.

Style & Substance: How To Find Your Style & Build Your Audience



DATE: Sunday 28 July

This panel discussion, “Style & Substance: How To Find Your Style & Build Your Audience,” dives into the world of building yourself as an artist. It promises to explore the process of discovering your unique artistic voice through the stories of 3 artists, while sharing our tools to communicate effectively with the world.


SAS☆HIMI is comprised of Sakyru, Anjohink, and Stephaniepriscilla – each of them artists with a distinct style. One is inspired by dark and punk aesthetics, another by bright colours and fantasy worlds, and the third mature themes and sensuality. All three have built their brands through individual journeys, building their artistic worlds with their unique visions.




How to Fix Your Figurines



DATE: Saturday 27 July

Taking figurines and Nendoroids out of display and home for photography sessions sometimes results in scuffing and chipping. This panel will teach you how to repair minor scuffs and damage as well as how to upkeep your figures.


An avid collector of figurines for over a decade, Shana started with Nendoroid and figurine photography before progressing to repairs and customisation. She now runs a small business where she produces small 3D printed resin figures and fulfils commissions for custom Nendoroids

Find Your Stage, Busking as a Serious Hobby


Sheng Li, Karyn & Yeegn Lougn

DATE: Sunday 28 July

Professional performers Sheng Li and Karyn present an insightful experience sharing session on how busking to the public can be a rewarding hobby. Opening with insights on how the both of them found their audiences, guest speaker Yeegn Lougn from City music will also share with the audience, industry insights and knowledge to give budding performers a leg up for their future plans.

If getting to know the industry better in the fields of branding, marketing, making connections and choosing the correct equipment is what you are looking for, look no further than this unique opportunity to find your stage!

ABOUT Sheng Li & Karyn

Sheng Li and Karyn are an energetic duo renowned for their engaging performances across a spectrum of live events – corporate functions, weddings, and even street busking sessions.

Their harmonious blend of vocals, keyboard and acoustic guitar create an immersive musical experience that brings joy to audiences of all ages.

About Sheng Li

Sheng Li, more well known as “guitarstreet”, fell in love with performing through busking. Recognized for his mesmerizing vocals and exceptional guitar skills, his career gained traction after winning UFM 100.3’s inaugural busking competition, clinching the title of “Busk King”.

Beyond live performances, Sheng Li also runs a home studio, helping people discover the joy of making music. He has helped many couples create unforgettable recordings of their own, some of which have served as their march-in songs.

Sheng Li is also passionate about inspiring others, and regularly publishes insightful guitar tutorials and gear reviews on his popular YouTube channel @guitarstreet.

About Karyn

Beyond Karyn’s enchanting vocals and keyboard playing, she is a versatile and bilingual emcee with a vibrant personality.

As a rising star in the entertainment industry, Karyn’s experience include hosting radio shows on Mediacorp LOVE972 and anchor host for “Battle of the Buskers”, which earned her a nomination at Star Awards 2024.

On the big screen, she also acted in Jack Neo’s movie “Ah Girls Go Army”, and creatively reimagined several songs by writing her own original lyrics

About Yeegn Lougn

Hoe Yeegn Lougn has established himself in the musical instruments and professional audio industry with a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years. As Sales Director at City Music Co Pte Ltd, he’s cultivated expertise in retail and wholesale distribution, traditional and modern digital marketing.

As one of the key driving force behind the transformation of City Music Co Pte Ltd, his journey has been marked by a passion for inspiring dreams for stakeholders in the music and creative industry, and thrives on staying ahead of industry trends and contributing innovative solutions.

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