Special Guest: Mai Fuchigami


Mai Fuchigami is a highly talented voice actress, born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. In recent years, she has held multiple lead roles in popular anime, profiling her ability in being able to voice stoic characters such as Iona in Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- to lively characters like Alice Yotsuba / Cure Rosetta in Dokidoki!! PreCure. Other notable characters she has voiced include:

  • Nagisa Shiota – Assassination Classroom
  • Miho Nishizumi – Girls und Panzer
  • Petralka Anne Eldant III – Outbreak Company
  • Kaede Ikeno – Sakura Trick
  • Meitan – Etotama
  • Maekawa-san – Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

She will reprising her roles as Iona and Miho in the movie editions of Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- and Girls und Panzer respectively in 2015.

Aside from voice acting,she is also active on radio and internet broadcasting,with a regular radio show called“HFH”.
One of her interests include gathering information about birds, and in particular, parrots and parakeets.

Day stage appearance: 
Mai Fuchigami will share about her experience working on Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-!

When: 25 Sep 2015 (Fri) -15:15

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