A new age has arrived following a long war. The seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, intends to hold a joint Chunin Exams together with all 5 ninja countries, with Kinohakakure no Sato at the centre, to raise new ninjas. 3 ninjas trains and live together. Sarada, Sasuke’s daughter who admires Naruto. Mitsuki, the outstanding but mysterious ninja. Boruto, the talented ninja, but dislikes his father, Naruto.

For Boruto, with a tone of loneliness and disgust, would rather ‘not have a father from the beginning’ as Naruto was always too busy to spend time with his family.

One night, Sasuke returns from a mission into an alternate dimension, warning Naruto of impending danger. Their two children were talking about their parents. Upon hearing from Sarada that Sasuke is ‘Naruto’s only rival’, he seeks to be his apprentice, looking to find out the weakness of his father. Sasuke agrees only if he fulfils a ‘certain condition’.

Boruto enters the Chunin Exams with Sarada and Mitsuki as a team, overcoming hurdles of the first 2 tests, knowledge and teamwork respectively. The third test is a solo battle. Under the watchful eyes of the Gokage, Boruto battles against Shikamaru’s son, Shikadai.

At that time, space-time warped and resulted in a huge explosion. From the sinister atmosphere, emerges a duo, calling themselves Momoshiki and Kinshiki, going after the live of the Rasengan use, Naruto. Unable to do anything, Boruto was protected by Sasuke. Protecting them by standing in front, Naruto, following a skill used by Momoshiki, disappears, leaving behind only a smile at Boruto.

For the first time, Boruto realises the path that his father is on.

Sasuke, who sees the former Naruto in the small figure, the Gokage and Boruto head into the alternate dimension, where the enemies they could not possibly win against are waitng, ready for a fight to the death.

All for the new era.

Day Stage:

AFAID 2015, together with ODEX, is delighted to have the voice actress of Naruto, Ms Junko Takeuchi, to share with us her experience voicing arguably the most recognisable in the anime world today, and to give us a sneak peek to the upcoming movie.

When: 27 Sep 2015 (Sun) – 14:45

Ticket access: ● Exhibition + Stage ●


Official site: http://boruto-movie.com/