Special Guest: Majiko


From young, she was raised in an environment filled with western, rock and sometimes folk music as her mother was a vocalist and vocal trainer. In middle school, before it was disbanded, she was the drummer and vocalist in her school’s “kei-on” club, performing in events and concerts while immersing herself in music.

Upon entering a music school, she has put her full focus into becoming a vocalist. She slowly gained popularity upon uploading her own singing works onto video sites starting in June 2010. She made her first public performance at the popular live event ETA in December 2013, surprising not just the audience, but fellow performers and organisers with her overwhelming singing ability.

With the voice that evokes emotions in listeners she has been active in the internet scene as a powerhouse female vocalist. However, whenever she is not singing, she is actually a soft-spoken character. According to her, “I don’t usually think about much normally, but I put in all my effort when I sing”.

Day Stage appearance: 
Majiko, together with mikitoP, will meet fans at this exit tunes special stage !

When: 27 Sep 2015 (Sun) – 15:45

Ticket access: ● Exhibition + Stage ●



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