Special Guest: mikitoP


In March 2010, he became as a Vocaloid producer with his post of “Kokuhaku”, after previously being involved with a band. The name mikitoP comes from his use of the Vocaloid “miki’ when he first started out. From the release of “SECRET DVD” onwards, he has been mainly using Hatsune Miku to produce his music.

The release of “Sayoko” in August 2011 collected over 100 thousand views, leading to the production of more hits such as “Shinzou Democracy” and “Setsuna Plus”. In August 2012, his most representative work, “Ii Aru Fanclub” was released,  and has gathered over 3.3 million views to date.

His numerous works after that generate attention on him as a popular Vocaloid producer, with works such as “Sarishinohara” and “Yuudachi no Ribbon”. With guitar at the centre, his music has ranged from sentimental songs that strikes at your heart as well as cute, pop tunes. He has also approached to provide music for other people.

His first single using his own vocals was released in July 2015.

Day Stage appearance: 
mikitoP, together with Majiko, will meet fans at this exit tunes special stage !

When: 27 Sep 2015 (Sun) – 15:45

Ticket access: ● Exhibition + Stage ●


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