The Talented

Want to take part in C3AFA Singapore 2019 as a performer on one of the stages?

Please fill in the form below as accurately as possible.

Please take note of the following points:

  • Submission of this form is not a confirmation of your participation.
  • Your submission will undergo a selection process within the organising committee
  • If you are selected, our stage manager will contact you with an invitation.
  • Non-Singapore based performer will need to be in Singapore during the event to take part in the show at their own cost. 
  • No remuneration will be provided to the performer unless otherwise agreed upon by the organiser.
  • Performers are not allowed to mention commercial sponsors or supporters during the act unless otherwise agreed upon by the organiser.
  • The performers are required to keep performances at PG13 rating.
  • Performers must provide their own music and be responsible for all the content presented during their stage.
  • Selected performers will get free entry to the exhibition hall of C3AFASG 2019.
  • Each performer should be ready to conduct a rehearsal before the actual stage session. 
  • The performance slot available is only up to 15 minutes. 
  • By the act of submitting the form, you agree to the above stated points. 

Cut off date for registration is 10th November 2019.
All acts will be contacted by the 12th November 2019.
Only successfully selected performers will be contacted.
Please noted that your details will be kept for future considerations as well.

Please email the answer to the form to [email protected] if you are unable to submit via the form.