I LOVE ANISONG - Mika Kobayashi featuring Tetsuro Shimaguchi (KAMUI)

Mika Kobayashi


Her solo piano and singing performance tours have not only spread from Tokyo to the rest of Japan,

but to also Europe and other countries. She has earned much acclaim as a powerful live artist.

She is also well respected as a vocalist, having contributed to multiple soundtracks,

including for the anime Shingeki no Kyojin, Gundam UC, Guilty Crown,

and Ao no Exorcist; the television series Iryu 3, and Mare; and the movie Platinum Data.

Official site: http://miccabose.com/

Tetsuro Shimaguchi (KAMUI)


Date of Birth: 5/13/1970

Tetsuro Shimaguchi was born in Saitama prefecture in Japan and graduated from Nihon University College of Arts. After a lot of experience in theater activities such as kabuki, he established “Kengishu Kamui” and heads up a team. He is a “Samurai Sword Artist” pursuing mixed styles such as beauty of form, acting, and martial arts.

One of his major accomplishments as an actor was performing as Crazy 88’s “MIKI”, as well as directing the choreography in “KILL BILL Vol. 1” a film by Quentin Tarantino. Among other achievements: he led the KAMUI Tour in the US including a performance in the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, “CHANBARA”, “SAMURAI SPIRIT” performances in Edinburgh, Europe tours in places such as Teatre della Pergola in Italy, plentiful dinner shows in Hyatt Hotels and Sheraton Hotels, and performed main roles in short movies. He also choreographs performances in Meijiza, “CLAUDIA”, “HUMANITY”, and “HOSHINO DAICHI NI FURU NAMIDA” performed by Chikyu Gorgeous, and “JIROCHO-SANGOKUSHI” a film by Masahiko Makino. In these days, media networks in the US and Europe feature his works, and he advocates for the promotion of SAMURAI culture.

He has his certification as a master of Nanaougi-ryu classical Japanese dance, and he excels in Shinkageryu-Kenjutsu and Karate. In 2012, he established the original samurai dojo, “Kengido”.