Born July 12 in New York, America, nano is bilingual, fluent in both English and Japanese and paired with an outstanding singing ability. Since the posting of western music covers in video sites like youtube, nano has garnered the support of many users around the world.

In March 2012, “nanoir” was released, despite being nano’s debut album, it ranked 10th on release date within the Japanese music chart, a surprising result for a rookie. Adding on to the success, “Remember your color”, nano’s first live, sold out all 2500 tickets on the first day. The same year in May, nano attended “DoKomi” a Japanese culture convention in Dusseldorf, Germany and attracted 1500 packing the venue to it’s limit.

In 2015, nano’s latest album “Rock on” was released in January, ranking 6th on the charts and in April, the first overseas solo performance in Taiwan as part of nano’s annual live tour around Japan.

nano’s popularity knows no bound and this singing voice doesn’t have any borders.

Official website: https://nanonano.me/