Ticket Prices & Details

Tickets are on sale now!

Grab your tickets online starting at $19/day (excluding booking fees) via Ticketmaster from 20th April 2023 onwards.

You will need to redeem wristbands with your tickets to enter the event.
Redemption of wristbands will be at Singapore EXPO Hall 5.
Dates and time of redemption will be announced at a later date.

Ticketing F.A.Q

General Questions

1. When will 'AFA CSF 2023' tickets go on sale?

General Admission Ticket will go on sale on 20 April 2023, 12 pm via online, call centre and Singpost outlets.

2. What are the ticketing charges for the tickets?

Ticketmaster charges a $2 standard booking fee per ticket to facilitate the processing of your ticket/item order and to cover any administrative costs associated with each ticket sale.

3. What sort of ticketing plan is being used for 'AFA CSF 2023'?

Day 1
22 July (Sat)

Day 2
23 July (Sun)
22 July & 23 July
(Sat & Sun)
Before Event S$19 S$19 S$36
During Event S$21 S$21 S$39

ALL prices stated in the above chart are subjected to Ticketmaster booking fees.

4. Can I get a refund or exchange my tickets?

Please note that no refunds will be entertained under any circumstances. Once the transaction is completed successfully, no refunds, cancellations or exchanges will be entertained. Please ensure that the number of tickets you wish to purchase is correct before making payment.

Tickets are not transferable and may not be resold, nor redistributed or used for any commercial or marketing event, activity, promotion or purpose without the prior written consent of SOZO and the ticketing agent. All rights reserved to cancel any Tickets that have been transferred, resold or redistributed or otherwise used without the prior written consent of SOZO, and to deny any such Ticket Holder entry.

5. What are my ticket options for the event?

You can choose to have e-tickets sent to your e-mail. You will get one e-ticket for each day. Please note that you still need to redeem a wristband for actual admission into the venue grounds.

Pre-Event Questions

6. How can I buy "AFA CSF 2023" General Admission tickets before the event?

Visit https://ticketmaster.sg/activity/detail/23_afacsf2023 to purchase tickets online.

You must be logged into your account to make a purchase. You will have to register an account on the Ticketmaster website in order to make a purchase. Please create an account before you make your purchase.

VISA, Mastercard and JCB debit and credit cards are accepted for online payment.

Please note that the Ticketmaster payment system will require the use of a one-time authentication password in order for the check-out to go through. Please check with your bank that your account has one time password authentication enabled for all online transactions.


Call +65 3158 8588

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday (10am – 6pm)
Sunday and Public Holidays (Closed)


1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
Level 3

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday (12pm – 8pm)

7. How can I pay for my tickets to ‘AFA CSF 2023’?

We accept several methods of payment to accommodate your needs. We accept VISA, MasterCard and JCB via online and phone,  cash and NETS at all our outlets.

8. Is there any other way to purchase tickets other than through the website or via other payment methods like cash?

Tickets are also available through our ticketing hotline +65 3158 8588 and all our physical outlets.

9. I'm a foreigner, how can I purchase the 'AFA CSF 2023' tickets?

You may either purchase through online at https://ticketmaster.sg/activity/detail/23_afacsf2023 or call our hotline at +65 3158 8588.

10. How can I get my 'AFA CSF 2023' ticket(s) if I purchased them online?

The following delivery options are available:

  • Print-At-Home (PAH) or e-tickets are free of charge. Immediate delivery of your tickets to your email address for you to print at home. Fast, easy and free!
11. What if I have lost my e-ticket(s) or suspect that my e-mail has been compromised?

Kindly contact us at +65 3158 8588 or e-mail [email protected] for assistance.

12. What is the period of time in which I must complete the transaction?

Each transaction is limited to a maximum of 8 minutes, during which your tickets will be held for you to complete the transaction. After which, the system will release the tickets back into the system and make them available for the next buyer. Please complete your entire transaction, including payment, during this period of time.

13. Do I have to register an account on Ticketmaster's site to purchase the tickets?

You must be logged into your account to make a purchase. You will have to register an account on the Ticketmaster website in order to make a purchase. Please create an account before you make your purchase. Your account details will allow us to disseminate any event information to you in a timely manner.

14. Is there any deadline for purchasing 'AFA CSF 2023' ticket(s) before the event?

Ticket sales for each day will continue online until 1 hour before the closing of the event (subject to availability). 

15. I have booked 'AFA CSF 2023' general admission ticket(s) outside of the country. Can I collect my tickets during the event day at the event venue?

You may select Print-At-Home (PAH) as the delivery option. This is the fastest and most convenient way to receive your tickets. It is an electronic ticket sent to you via email as a PDF attachment. Each ticket contains a unique barcode that can only be scanned at the venue once. Please ensure you print all pages of each attachment if you buy more than one ticket at a time.

Event Questions

16. How do I enter the event with my tickets?

You will need to redeem a wristband for admission with your ticket. With the wristband, you can enter the exhibition area. Please note that wristbands are colour-coded by day and tier.

17. Where will the collection point for my wristbands at the venue be, and what are the opening hours?

The collection point will be located in Hall 5 of the Singapore Expo. Dates and time will be announced at a later date.

18. Do I need to show anything to redeem the wristbands?

You will need to present your ticket(s) at the collection area, in either a digital or physical printout. If you have purchased more than one ticket or ticket package in a single transaction, you must present all tickets and redeem all wristbands at the same time. 

All collections must be made by the account holder who bought the tickets. Ticket collection will be released upon the presence of a valid Ticket Purchase Confirmation e-mail, and the proxy may be subject to a verification check based on the purchaser’s registered Ticketmaster account data. Please take full responsibility of your Ticket Purchase Confirmation e-mail.

Please note the minimum size for the printout of Print-at-Home (PAH) ticket is A4 in black and white. No printing services or PAH ticket retrieval services will be available at the venue.

19. Will there be any on-site ticket sales for 'AFA CSF 2023' ticket(s) on the day itself?

On-site sales* are available at the physical ticketing counter and online via Ticketmaster. You can purchase tickets on-site as long as they have not been sold out. ALL tickets sold during event days are also subjected to Ticketmaster booking fees. Tickets bought at the ticketing counter are strictly via cash only.

*Referring to tickets bought on 22 July & 23 July 2023.

20. Am I allowed to take pictures or record videos during the event?

Organiser reserves the right to prohibit the use of all recording devices, inclusive of sound and visuals, within the designated area. Offenders will be warned, repeat offenders will be removed from the designated area.

Please note that all wristbands are to be worn on the wrist tightly before entry into the exhibition area, stage area or concert area. Entry will be refused if wristbands are not worn before entry. Entry will also be refused if wristbands are worn loosely and can be slipped off easily.

Note that all prices mentioned in the FAQ, Ticketing, and event website are in Singapore currency.

For any queries pertaining to the purchase of AFA CSF 2023 tickets, please call the Ticketmaster Hotline at +65 3158 8588 or write to [email protected] for assistance. Should you still encounter issues, please contact the organiser at [email protected].