Procedure to get your autographed poster

  • Queue at autograph booth 30 mins before the start of the session for verification.
  • Get ready the Photo ID and ticket (e-ticket on mobile phone, e-ticket print-out or printed ticket) used for autograph registration.
  • If collecting on behalf of someone else, please present the photocopy of the photo ID the person used to register and ticket (e-ticket on mobile phone, e-ticket print-out or printed ticket) used for autograph registration. Please have these items ready before it is your turn.
  • A coupon will be given to you once you are verified.
  • When the session starts, you will be asked to hand over the coupon to the staff. If you do not hand over the coupon, you will not be able to get the autograph poster.
  • Receive your autograph.

Autograph Rules and Regulations

  • The autograph will be done on a poster given by the organisers. Autographs on own items are not allowed.
  • Photography and video recording is strictly prohibited during the session. This includes asking for selfies.
  • Please follow the instructions of the staff at all time. Persons found behaving in an unruly manner will be removed from the session.
  • You may give gifts at the this point of time. However, the artiste may choose to not accept the gift.
  • If you wish cannot attend the session but still wish to collect your poster, you may only do so after the artiste’s autograph session, until the start of the concert. The same procedure for verification applies.
  • If you have won another artiste’s autograph, it means that you were unsuccessful in the first ballot.


24 NOV friday

02:00PM FLOW
02:30PM Shiena Nishizawa
04:30PM Tomohisa Sato
05:00PM 乃木坂46 (NOGIZAKA46)

25 NOV saturday

01:30PM ClariS
*event staff will distribute the posters
03:30PM Konomi Suzuki
04:30PM nano
05:00PM TRUE

26 NOV sunday

02:30PM May’n
03:00PM Mashiro Ayano
04:30PM Luce Twinkle Wink☆
05:30PM fripSide


24 NOV friday

25 NOV saturday

26 NOV sunday

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